Take a virtual tour of Haim synagogue- in Tehran, #Iran

6 Feb haimsynagogue

There are different estimates as to how many functioning Synagogues there are in Tehran. I have heard numbers as high as 20, and as low as 12.

One of the oldest synagogues of Tehran is the Haim Synagogue, which was built 103 years ago. Its situated on 30 Tir avenue, near the British Embassy in Tehran. The synagogue is named after Rabbi (Hakham) Haim Mor-e. In the 1950s, it played host to fleeing Iraqi Jews, who immigrated to Israel, via Iran. They camped in the Synagogue.

These days the synagogue is only open on Shabbat and high holidays, due to the dwindling numbers of its congregants, mainly because of immigration.

With thanks to the 7Dorim site, Iran’s Jews community who do such a great job of keeping Iran’s Jewish heritage intact.

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​سنگ پا قزوین ​

3 Feb Gholam-Ali_Haddad-Adel_5

​اشتباه ​رفسنجانی ?

3 Feb
در دراز مدت حمله دیروز آیت الله رفسنجانی به شورای نگهبان میتونه نه فقط برای خودش بلکه برای حامیانش, از جمله حسن روحانی گران تمام بشه.

مناظره استاد زیباکلام و علی افشاری: انتخابات اسفند ماه در ایران – شرکت یا تحریم ؟

2 Feb Iranian women shows the ink on their fingers after voting at a polling station in Tehran on June 12, 2009.  Hundreds of voters were standing outside one of the biggest polling stations in uptown Tehran, an indication of a high voter turnout in the early hours of the presidential election in Iran. AFP PHOTO/ATTA KENARE (Photo credit should read ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)

بعد از رد صلاحیت گسترده اصلاح طلبان به دست شورای نگهبان, این سوال بین بعضی از حامیان جناه اصلاح طلب مطرح شده که شرکت در این انتخابات دیگه چه فایده ای داره ؟حالا که از ۳۰۰۰ نفر فقط ۳۰ نفر تایید صلاحیت شدند اصلا کی مونده که بهش رای بدیم؟

در این مناظره استاد زیباکلام حامی شرکت در انتخابات و اقای علی افشاری مخالف این دیدگاه عقیده های خود را مطرح میکنند

#Syria opposition (esp #ISIS) also starving Syrians

31 Jan This undated photo posted on the Local Revolutionary Council in Madaya, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows a starving boy in Madaya, Syria. The Syrian government has agreed to allow humanitarian assistance into three beleaguered villages following reports of malnutrition in the area, a U.N. official said Thursday.Two of the villages in question are the adjacent Shiite villages of Foua and Kfarya in the country’s north, which have been besieged by anti-government militants for more than a year. The third is the village of Madaya near the border with Lebanon, which has been under siege by government forces since early July. (Local Revolutionary Council in Madaya via AP)

We all know about the brutal siege imposed by the Syrian regime and its Hezbollah ally against the residents of the Syrian city of Madaya. Today, there were new reports that another 16 people have starved to death in that city.

This is a crime, which is also being committed by the anti-Syrian regime groups, including ISIS.

According to the Associated Press, the following places in Syria are also under siege, by the anti- Assad forces:

Fouaa and Kfarya: Two Shiite villages in the northern province of Idlib with a combined population of around 20,000. The villages have been blockaded by rebels for more than a year. Pro-government fighters recently evacuated from the villages describe desperate conditions there with scarce food and medicine, saying some residents are eating grass to survive and undergoing surgery without anesthesia….

This is in addition to:

Deir el-Zour: An estimated 200,000 people living in government-held parts of this city in eastern Syria are besieged by the Islamic State group. The U.N. says most of the residents are women and children facing sharply deteriorating conditions due to the ban on all commercial or humanitarian access, as well as the inability of residents to move outside of the city…

So how many people in Syria are living under siege by the regime and the opposition? According to the UN:

400,000 people are besieged in 15 communities across Syria, roughly half of them in areas controlled by the Islamic State group”.

And what percentage of them can the UN reach ?

In 2014, the U.N. was able to deliver food to about five percent of people in besieged areas, while today estimates show the organization is reaching less than one percent.

A crime of terrible proportions being committed, right in front of our eyes by the Assad regime and Hezbollah, alongside other anti- regime terrorists, like ISIS.

Article: why Iran’s Khamenei resorts to Holocaust denial

29 Jan Ali_Khamenei_(cropped).jpeg

On the International Day of Holocaust, Iran’s supreme leader released a video questioning the Holocaust.

What is the domestic reason behind such a move?

My latest article explains:


دوباره یک نمایشگاه کارتون هولوکاست دیگر در تهران – چرا؟

28 Jan 770610_orig
​حالا که ایران از انزوا داره در میاد, چرا دوباره ابرو ریزی و تهمت با نمایشگاه کارتون هولوکاست؟
چرا انقدر قربانیان این فاجعه تاریخی را تحقیر میکنید؟
چرا انقدر به چهره و ابرو ایران و ایرانی در جهان صدمه میزنید؟
شما میفهمید که ایران تنها کشور در تمام دنیا هستش که از هولوکاست استفاده سیاسی میکنه؟ تنها کشوری هستش که نمایشگاه کارتون و کاریکاتور هولوکوست برگزار میکنه؟
اگر کشوری نمایشگاه کارتون و کاریکاتور فاجعه حملات شیمیایی صدام به ایران را برگزار میکرد و قربانیانش را با کارتون و کاریکاتورمسخره میکرد, ​چی میگفتید؟
اگر کشوری به نوع مکرر  همچین کاری را میکرد, شما راجع به اون کشور چه فکر میکردید؟
چند بار بیشتر, تا چند سال بیشتر این رفتار وقیح ادامه خواهد داشت؟

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