I was wrong, #Israel does need to occupy more land

25 Dec

Build baby, build. We meed more prisons.

To build more prisons, not settlement homes!

Just look at today’s news, more politicians suspected of stealing from the public:

Rishon Lezion court ordered former tourism minister Staz Mizhenikov to remain in police custody for eight days Wednesday, hours after he was arrested amid a sweep of some 30 suspects, including senior government officials, suspected of a raft of corruption charges

With increasing number of Israeli politicians under investigation or in prison, we could soon run of space in our jails. So forget more settlements, we have enough of them. But more prisons for our politicians? At this rate we’ll definitely need more :-)

The way things are going Israel could become the first country with an entire shadow government behind bars.

Video: The #Israel Hospital Admitting #Syria Fighters

24 Dec

The war in Syria has caused lots of deaths and casualties.

Some of the injured opposition fighters have been brought to Israel.

Is it possible that some of them belong to the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra front?

Why is Israel treating injured Syrian fighters? Are we trying to build goodwill towards Israel among the opposition, in case Assad falls? I hope so.

Simon Ostrovsky of VICE news has filmed a 4 part report from his recent trip to the Israel – Syria border.

Below you will find part 2, which includes an interview with an injured Syrian Free Army (SFA) fighter.

GoPro Camera + American tourist + trip to Tehran – #Iran

22 Dec

American wrestler Tyrell Fortune recently visited Iran to take part in a number of wrestling matches.

While in Tehran, his colleague Braden Barty took a GoPro camera with him, and filmed some of their adventures in the city.

It shows Tehran from a different angle: that of an American visitor.

Very interesting.


Celebrating Hanukah in Tehran – #Iran

21 Dec

Well Hanukah is here, and much like all other Jewish schools around the world, it is celebrated by Jewish students in Iran’s Jewish schools.

One of those schools is my old primary school which is called “ettefagh“. It has been functioning for 74 years as a Jewish school in Iran’s capital Tehran. It was established, thanks to the charitable donation of an Iraqi Jewish donor called Mayer Abdullah Batson. The school’s original name was “Mayer Abdullah”, but as its a foreign name, the Iranian ministry of culture (during the Shah) did not allow the school to have such a name.

A different name “ettefaghwhich one of its Arabic meanings is “unity” was chosen. The theme of unity was an important one for Iran’s Jewish community, which is why another one of its schools was called “ettehad” meaning unity in Persian.

Below are photos from the main web site of the Ettefagh school in Tehran which shows its Jewish students celebrating Hanukah.







Rouhani’s decision to honor fallen Iranian Jewish soldiers deserves praise and respects

19 Dec Hassan_Rouhani

The recent decision by the government of President Hassan Rouhani to unveil a memorial in Tehran to Iran’s fallen Jewish soldiers deserves commendation and respect.

The graves of two of the Iranian Jewish soldiers who fell during the Iraq – Iran war. Source

With this decision, President Rouhani has honored the memory of Iranian Jewish soldiers, who like their other Iranian compatriots gave their lives to defend their country against Saddam’s army.

In Iran, during the war against Saddam, we were all one. Iran was our country and we loved and defended her as loyal citizens, no matter what religion we belonged to. And some, like the fallen heroes who were martyred, were willing to pay the ultimate price.

Saddam did not discriminate either. His planes used to bomb civilian areas of my city in Tehran in the most indiscriminate manner. His missiles used to flatten houses no matter what denomination you belonged to. Their goal was to kill as many Iranian civilians as possible. We were all one big target for him. I will never forget the seven years of war which we lived through in Iran, from 1980 – 1987. Nor will millions of other Iranians, some of whom are still grieving over the loss of their loved ones.

I have criticized president Rouhani’s decisions when I have disagreed with them. And I will continue to do that. But his latest decision is one which deserves nothing but praise and respect.

پذیرش طرح فلسطینی در سازمان ملل محافظه کاران اسرائیلی را تقویت خواهد کرد

18 Dec palestine-israel
در مصاحبه اخیرم با بخش فارسی رادیو فرانسه در مورد طرح جدید فلسطینی ها در سازمان ملل و تقویت راست گرایان اسرائیلی از عواقب این طرح گفتگو کردم.
میتوانید اینجا محتوای گفتگو را بخوانید یا گوش بدهید.

#ISIS terrorists love Pringles and the iphone 6

16 Dec

Imagine one of the poorest areas of Syria, namely the east of the country where for years very few if any could afford foreign-made products. 

Now imagine one of the most fundamentalist and puritanical movements in the world, namely ISIS living there.

Recently, demand for the latest technological products such as the iphone6 and western snacks such as Red Bull and Pringles have shot up in that part of Syria.

How does that work?

The podcast below from the Financial Times asks Erika Solomon, the FT correspondent in Beirut about this interesting phenomenon.

You can listen here


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