Former Director General of the #Israel Atomic Energy Commission is in favor of the #Iran deal

30 Aug 800px-Portrait_eilam.jpg

Former Six Days war hero Brig. Gen. (ret.) Eilam who also served as Director General of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission and as Chief Scientist and Director of R&D in the Ministry of Defense explains why he is in favor of the Iran deal.

In the same interview, Brigadier General  (ret.) Eilam also explains why he, alongside dozens of senior former IDF and Mossad officials published an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to accept the nuclear accord with Iran as an “done deal.”

This interview was recorded on the 4th of August.

You can watch it here


مصاحبه: جنگ حکومت ایران علیه اسرائیل جنگ تحمیلی است

26 Aug عکسی_از_خمینی
در مصاحبه اخیرم با آقای بیژن فرهودی خبر نگار روزنامه کیهان لندن در مورد این مسائل گفتگو کردم:
– احتمال بروز جنگ بین نیروهای حامی رژیم سوریه و اسرائیل و چرا
– انگیزه نیروی سپاه قدس برای ایجاد تنش در مرز اسرائیل و سوریه و انطباق این سیاست با سیاست های دولت روحانی در منطقه.
اظهارات اخیر ایهود باراک رئیس اسبق دفاع اسرائیل در مورد سه تصمیم مختلف برای حمله به ایران در سالهای ۲۰۱۰ تا ۲۰۱۲
– جنگ کنونی بین ایران و اسرائیل جنگی تحمیلی است. اسرائیل هیچ وقت این جنگ را نمیخواست. رژیم ایران این جنگ را به اسرائیل در اوائل انقلاب تحمیل کرد.

Former head of Mossad says #Iran nuclear agreement is worth accepting

25 Aug Alex


Ephraim Halevy, the former head of Israel intelligence agency the Mossad explains to PBS why he believes that the current Iran nuclear deal is acceptable. He also talks about the side deal between the IAEA and Iran.

Bin Ladin’s favorite Jewish (Zionist) singer

24 Aug Osama_bin_Laden_portrait

Did you know:

  • that the French- Algerian singer Enrico Macias was one of Bin Ladin’s favorite singers? (Macias is pro-Israel)
  • or that the Saudi National Guard invited Bin Ladin to speak before their officers in Saudi Arabia in 1989?

These are just some of the very interesting facts which were discovered as part of 1500 tapes belonging to Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda in the city of Kandahar in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban.

You can listen to the fascinating podcast about these tapes here

The Mossad was asked to assassinate Ayatollah Khomeini

23 Aug عکسی_از_خمینی

The interview below with Yossi Alpher who was the Mossad’s former Iran desk officer reveals how the Mossad turned down a request by former Iranian Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiyar to assassinate Ayatollah Khomeini.

He also talks about how if the current regime in Iran changes its stance towards Israel, there would be a very long line of Israelis willing to reestablish ties and to do business with the regime in Tehran, and the sense of betrayal which some Israelis feel towards president Obama.

Yossi Alpher has recently published a book on Israel’s relations with non-Arab countries in the region, including Iran in the 70s.

You can watch the interview here:

#Israel new ambassador to the UN = a win for the BDS campaign

14 Aug

Today Netanyahu appointed Likud MK Danny Danon as Israel’s envoy to the UN. 

He is one of the most hard-line, anti-peace, pro-settlement and pro-annexation of MORE land in the West Bank.

In 2013 he published an op-ed in the New York Times stating that Israel should annul the Oslo peace accord.

In 2011 he published another op-ed saying that Netanyahu should:

annex the Jewish communities of the West Bank, or as Israelis prefer to refer to our historic heartland, Judea and Samaria.

Just listen to his interview below. This person is going to represent my country at a forum as important as the UN.

He is a gift to anyone who wants to boycott and isolate Israel. He is going to make their job far easier. And its all thanks to Netanyahu. What a gift to our enemies.

i24 interview: some in #Israel military intelligence have positive view of #Iran deal

11 Aug 250px-Ha'man

Yesterday Amir Oren published a piece in Haaretz about the Iran deal and the view of some of Iran analysts working for the Israeli military intelligence. Among other things, in the article he states:

“There are those in the Intelligence Corps, including those in the research division dealing with ‪‎Iran‬, who have a very positive view of the nuclear agreement. “

Last night I was interviewed alongside Amir for the i24 news program, where Amir discussed his article in more details. He also mentioned an unprecedented intelligence sharing offer being made by the U.S which would give Israel access to raw intelligence material which no one else except the US would have. Netanyahu has not accepted this offer.

And how some in the military intelligence community are very concerned about the damage being caused to the Israel – US relations.

You can watch interview here:


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