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مئیر جاودانفر در برنامه صفحه دو بی بی سی فارسی:بحران غزه از دیدگاه حقوق بین الملل

23 Jul
دیروز مهمان برنامه صفحه دو بی بی سی فارسی بودم.
موضوع برنامه درگیری های اخیر در غزه و دیدگاه حقوق بین الملل.
از من سوال شد که به عنوان یک شهروند اسرائیل چقدر رفتار ارتش اسرائیل را مشروع و مناسب میبینم.
جواب من: به عنوان یک شهروند اسرائیلی اگر از من تقاضی رفتن به جنگ میشد, من به ارتش اسرائیل ملحق میشدم.
در میزگرد زیر توضیح من را بشنوید, به علاوه دیدگاه سعید محمودی، استاد حقوق بین الملل دانشگاه استکهلم در سوئد و مهراد واعظی نژاد، کارشناس مسائل خاورمیانه.

Spot the difference: Benjamin Netanyahu age 28 – Benjamin Netanyahu age 65

22 Jul

In 1978, a 28 year old Israeli by the name of Ben Nitay took part in a debate in the United States on Israel’s borders.

Today Ben Nitay has a different name:  Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why did he call himself Ben Nitay? There are some unconfirmed reasons. Some believe he wanted to make it easier for his American colleagues (he studied in Harvard and MIT) to pronounce his name.

In the debate he is asked as a witness to outline what he sees as a possible solution for the fate of millions of Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza strip under Israeli occupation. He is also asked whether he believes there should be a Palestinian state.

Just listen to his views then, and compare to what he is saying now. The biggest change in rhetoric is his Bar Ilan speech in which he stated that he believes in the 2 state for the 2 people solution.

However in reality, with his settlement policies he has made establishing a Palestinian state even more impossible. And lets not forget, he was so against the Gaza withdrawal in 2005 that he resigned as Finance Minister just before it.

I invite you to watch the video and to judge for yourself.

But dear Israeli compatriots, this is the man who after the current operation will use whatever happens in Gaza to undermine peace with the PLO. The fact that the PLO has cooperated in an unprecedented manner with Israel in areas of security and has recognized Israel means nothing to Netanyahu. Why? because in my honest opinion he does not believe in the 2 state solution. He just pays lip service to it.



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