Hoping for a St. Patrick’s day miracle in #Israel

17 Mar

Perhaps the Gods are telling us something: today is St.Patrick’s day and Israel election day and the leader of the opposition (and the politician I am voting for) Isaac Herzog is half Irish. His father was Irish, while his mother came from Egypt.

Some Irish Jews call themselves Lepri-COHENS :-)

Think about it: there are between 500 and 2,000 Jews in all of Ireland, and a member of their community could become the Prime Minister of the state of Israel.

This would be the second time a person of Irish heritage would reach senior levels of Israeli politics. Isaac Herzog’s father Haim Herzog was the sixth president of Israel.

Lets pray for a St.Patrick day miracle in Israel.

Happy St.Patrick’s day to everyone, especially to my Irish friends.

#Israel elections will be tweeted, in English + Persian

16 Mar

Tomorrow I will be tweeting the Israel elections, mainly in English and Persian.

You can follow me on twitter @Meirja

نتانیاهو در پیروزی حزب خود در انتخابات دچار تردید شده

15 Mar
نظر سنجی های اخیر در اسرائیل حاکی از ان هستند که حزب “ماخانه تسییونی” (اردوگاه صهیونیستی) که رقیب اصلی حزب لیکود در انتخابات است از این حزب ۳ کرسی جلوتر است. Benjamin_Netanyahu_portrait
در عین حال خود آقای نتانیاهو اخیرا احساس نگرانی در مورد شانس پیروزی حزب لیکود در انتخابات کرده.
در مصاحبه اخیرم با بخش فارسی رادیو فرانسه در مورد کاهش محبوبیت نتانیاهو بین رای دهندگان اسرائیلی و شانس پیروزی او صحبت کردم.
به فایل صوتی این مصاحبه در صفحه مقاله میتونید گوش بدید.

#Iran wants Netanyahu to win #Israel elections

14 Mar

On Tuesday 17th of March we will be holding elections here in Israel. kham-netan

One of the questions is: who would the leaders of Iran want to see as the winner?

I have always believed that Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei would very much like Netanyahu to win these elections. One of the main reasons (as I mentioned in this tweet in Hebrew last night) is that Iran would love to see the continuation of the current crisis between the governments of Israel and United States. This is a strategic win for Iran.

Today, Sadegh Ghorbani, a reporter based in Tehran tweeted who he believes Iranians would like to see as the winner of the upcoming Israeli elections, and why.

The letter by 47 Republican Senators could increase chances of an #Iran deal

12 Mar

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (above) wrote the letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran. Picture: WIkipedia

47 Republican Senators recently signed a letter which warned the supreme leader of Iran that:

any deal negotiated by the current White House could be reversed by a new president “with the stroke of a pen’’ in as little as 22 months.

In other words: Dear Mr Khamenei, if you reach a deal with the current U.S President (Obama), such a deal could be considered as meaningless to the next leader of the United States.

Many are wondering what impact this latest development could have inside Iran.

In my opinion, it could end up strengthening the voice of those inside Iran who want a deal with the U.S.

It could also increase the credibility of Obama as someone Iran could reach a deal with.

My logic goes as follows:

Inside Iran, especially to those surrounding the supreme leader, it is most probably becoming increasingly clear what massive pressure Obama is facing at home. How his rivals are trying their level best to scuttle a deal with Iran.

More importantly, it is most probably becoming clear in Tehran how Obama is fighting tooth and nail to keep the chances of a deal alive. How he is going out of his to defend the negotiations, despite the massive and unending pressure.

And this could lead to the conclusion in Iran that:

Look at Obama’s efforts. He is someone we could do business with. He is our last chance to reach a deal to end the sanctions. It’s unlikely that someone like Obama will come to power in the U.S any time soon. So it’s now or never.

#Iran leader: Dear #Obama, what you need..

10 Mar

The Congress is fighting the Obama administration, with Congressmen trying their best to torpedo a Ali_Khamenei_(cropped).jpegpossible Iran deal, to end Obamacare and to create obstacles for every other initiative of the U.S President.

Not to mention the government Shut Down in 2013.

Iran leader Ayatollah Khamenei must be watching all this chaos in Washington and thinking:

Mr Obama, you are in desperate need of a Guardian Council.


What would constitute a “bad deal” with #Iran?

9 Mar

Iran – P5+1 TALKS. Source: Wikipedia

When it comes to a possible nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1, people have their own criteria of  what they would constitute as a “good deal” or a “bad deal”.

For me, one of the criterias of a bad deal would be:

Not making the complete removal of all sanctions conditional upon Iran answering all IAEA questions regarding its alleged nuclear military activities.

For now it seems that President Obama does not want this to be a show-stopper. But once (if) a deal is signed, some of the sanctions will still remain in place. It’s important to use them as leverage to find out how far Iran came in its efforts to work on a bomb. Once we know this, inspection and prevention would become even more focused and effective.

For me, this is an important criteria (among others).


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