The only Nazi we like (love) in Israel

17 Jul

The original Soup Nazi

OK everyone, time out. Let’s take a break from this whole Iran nuclear thing and let our hair down. Its the weekend for God’s sake.

We In Israel hate Nazis. But there is one Nazi we love, and that the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

To say that Seinfeld has a cult following in Israel would be an understatement. Its still very popular here. Maybe it was his Jewish sense of humor? I don’t know.

So recently Larry Thomas who plays the Soup Nazi graced our streets of Tel Aviv, in his full Soup Nazi outfit, and made this commercial for Pepsi Max which details the incredible street food which we have in my city.

As you can see, much like with Jerry, George and Newman, he scares the hell out of many Israelis.

Well, except for Neima. Oh don’t mess with Neima.


Dear #Israel, lets be realistic about the #Iran deal

16 Jul herzog

I don’t want the Iranian regime to have nuclear weapons. Nor does anyone else in Israel.

Yes, there are areas of concern regarding the current deal, and we need to address them with our allies. What we need at this stage less than anything else is hysteria as it hurts our credibility. What we need more is to be realistic and pragmatic.

And yes, I support the deal. I have some reservations which I have addressed below, but overall, I think it would contribute to our security.

Read more and please share:

#Israel asked, Israel received

14 Jul

My thoughts regarding today’s deal, in short. A more detailed analysis will follow. Watch this space.


مژده, مژده: نتانیاهو حساب تویتر به زبان فارسی باز کرد

13 Jul Benjamin_Netanyahu_portrait
بله دوستان, از امروز شما میتونید دیدگاه های آقای نتانیاهو رو به فارسی بخونید, چون ایشون حساب تویتر به زبان فارسی راه انداختند.

نعمت , برکت و سعادت برای تمام فارسی زبانان جهان.  

این هم پیغام خوش آمد بنده.


Interview: #Iran nuclear talks and the North Korean example

12 Jul

My interview tonight with i24 news about the continuing Iran nuclear negotiations in Vienna.

some of the topics:

  • why I disagree with the comparison between Iran and North Korea. This is because the current Israeli government is using the North Korea – Clinton agreement in 1994 as an example to back its claim that nuclear negotiations with Iran will not work. As per my statement that North Korea was far more advanced in its path to make a bomb when it signed the 1994 agreement than Iran is today, see the 1993 NYT article: Intelligence Study Says North Korea Has Nuclear Bomb. There is no intelligence study that says that about Iran.
  • Why Ayatollah Khamenei made hostile statements about the US yesterday.
  • The possible positive aspects of a nuclear deal with Iran for Israel.


Confession time: we had two centrifuges at out house in #Iran

11 Jul

Almost every time I arrive at an EL AL Israel airlines security desk, they always ask me: when is the last time you were in Iran? The same question is usually asked when I arrive in the U.S.

Its a good job I am not asked if we had any centrifuges at our house in Tehran, because the answer would be: yes, we had two. One was a moving centrifuge (see pic 1) with its own ‘spin’ cycle.

The other was a stationary centrifuge which could be used to make Low Enriched Rice (LER), and Highly Enriched Rice (HER), AKA Tah-e Dig (see picture 2). In Iran, both are  popular and considered as the national right of the people of Iran. Far more than uranium.

According to the foreign press reports I allegedly have a similar centrifuge at our house in Israel. But I can neither deny or confirm such a report :-)

Picture 1: This  centrifuge which can be found in many Iranian houses.

Picture 2- a stationary centrifuge which is to be found in many Iranian houses. Instead of uranium, it is used to prepare something far more popular for Iranians: rice!


In case you were wondering why some in #Israel are suspicious of the #Iran regime

10 Jul
ahmad khatami

From today’s Quds day Friday prayers. Read what it says about Israel.

In case you were wondering why I belong to a tiny minority in Israel who backs nuclear negotiations with Iran, then read the sign in front of today’s Friday prayer leader in Tehran. It says in Persian and English “Israel must be wiped from the pages of time”.

Since the start of the Iranian revolution in 1979, Israelis have been told by the Iran regime their country is a cancer, a microbe and that it should be wiped out. It even said so on the walls on my Jewish school in Tehran. I had to see it every day.

From my observations as an Iranian – Israeli who lives in Israel, a small minority in Israel don’t want a deal with Iran regime because they want war. Majority of those who don’t want a deal with Iran don’t want war, but at the same time find it difficult to trust a regime that has financed the killing of many of their compatriots, and has been calling for the elimination of their country, which is their home.

I believe that a diplomatic solution will serve the interests of the state of Israel as it will increase inspections and will distance the Iranian regime from a nuclear weapon in a peaceful manner. I also think it will reduce an important threat to Israel. I think its unlikely that the Iranian regime would break such a deal, if there is going to be one. Why agree to increased inspections on your soil if you want to “sneak out” to make a nuclear weapon?

That said, I understand the logic of those in Israel who do not trust the Iranian regime. I don’t agree with them, but I understand their suspicion.

No regime has the right to call for the elimination of another country, time after time after time, for 36 years. And for what? The Iranian regime says its calling for the elimination of the state Israel because it wants to defend the rights of the people of Palestine. Well, the people of Palestine have not given a mandate to the Iranian regime to do that. Majority of them don’t even like the Iranian regime. According to the latest survey by Pew research, 57% of Palestinians have a negative view towards the regime in Tehran.

Yes to peace with the people of Palestine. Yes to diplomacy. No to threats of elimination by a regime which says it’s the defender of Muslims, yet it finances and helps the Assad regime which has gassed and killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Syria.


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