#Iran and #Israel are expansionist?

8 Dec

Israel accuses Iran of having expansionist ambitions, Iran accuses Israel of the same.

Meanwhile the Arab world accuses both Israel and Iran of having expansionist ambitions, at the expense of the Arab world.

Lets see.

During the last two weeks:

The Iranian air force attacks ISIS forces inside the territory of an Arab country, namely Iraq.

The Israeli air force reportedly attacks ammunition stores inside the territory of an Arab country, namely Syria.

Maybe the Arab world has a point?

#Ahmadinejad + #Putin modelling at a Tel Aviv store

7 Dec ahmadinejad_putin

Here is the face of the former president of Iran plastered on a mannequin’s face at a T-Shirt store in Tel Aviv. ahmadinejad_putin

Next to him is Vladimir Putin, with lipstick.

Obviously the two are bringing customers because I saw them at the same store in Dizengoff Center about 6 months ago. Only this time I decided to take a photo.

And thats not all. I have seen Israelis wearing Iran Air and Iranian Atomic Energy Agency (AEOI) T-shirts as well. All made locally.

God knows what would happen to a store at a middle class shopping center in Tehran with an Ahmadinejad mannequin.

The only way such a store would make money would be by installing a swear jar outside its window.



Robert Einhorn of Brookings discusses #Iran nuclear talks

4 Dec

Robert Einhorn is one of the most respected experts when it comes to the current Iranian nuclear negotiations.

I read every article he writes and every interview which he gives.

I recommend his latest interview with CCTV China. He answers some key questions regarding the latest round of negotiations.

#Israel: new elections and a step closer to international sanctions

2 Dec

With an even more right wing government on the way, the boycott Israel campaign will gain more steam and supporters.

Maybe its an ominous sign that the French parliament voted for recognition of a Palestinian state on the very same day that Netanyahu fired his two moderate ministers.

The two fired ministers were comparatively speaking the most pro-peace in his government.

His next government is going to be far more right-wing than the current one which just collapsed. Don’t believe me? see below

According to the Times of Israel, if elections were to be held today, Netanyahu’s Likud party would make gains at the expense of Lapid’s and Livni’s parties.

According to a Channel 10 poll, Likud would win 22 seats, Jewish Home 17, Labor 13, Yisrael Beytenu 12, Moshe Kahlon’s as-yet-unnamed party 12, Yesh Atid nine, the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism eight, Shas seven, Meretz seven, Hatnua four and the Arab parties 13.

The more right-wing his government will be, the more it will antagonize the Palestinians and the international community by building more settlements. Europe won’t stand for it any more = jump in probability of a major international campaign of sanctions and isolation of Israel.

BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign against Israel is not just coming, with Netanyahu’s next government we’ll be running towards it.

#Iran Fashion Renaissance: VICE Reports

2 Dec Ancient_Persian_Clothing_Parthian_Era_200_BC

So what does a fashion show in a country ruled by religious conservatives look like?

What does fashion in post revolution Iran even mean?

How does the Iranian government which tries to control what women wear come up with its own fashion for women?

These are some of the topics addressed in this interesting report by VICE which was filmed in Iran. Highly recommended.

Interesting article about the Iranian Jewish community

26 Nov

I am often asked about the Jewish community in Iran. I have also written a number of blog posts about them.

According to a new article by the Associated Press, life under President Rouhani has improved for Iran’s Jewish community which according to a 2006 census numbered 9252 souls.

It is safe to assume that this number has decreased over to years, due to ageing and more importantly, continued immigration mainly to the U.S.

Click to read the article: Iran’s Jews find greater acceptance under Rohani

لایحه جدید دولت نتانیاهو: یهودی بودن اسرائیل علیه دموکراسی بودن اسرائیل

25 Nov netan-small
کابینه ١٥ نفره دولت بنجامین نتانیاهو ٢ روز پیش لایحه ای جنجال آمیز را تصویب کرد.
 اگر این لایحه در مجلس اسرائیل (کنست) تصویب شود, در مواقعی که بین چهره و شخصیت یهودی کشور اسرائیل با قوانین دموکراسی اختلافاتی به وجود اید , یهودی بودن اسرائیل ارجح خواهد بود.
در مورد این لایحه و عواقب ان پریروز با بی بی سی فارسی گفتگویی داشتم.

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