Debate: Should the U.S Step Back From Its Relationship With #Israel?

17 Nov us_israel_flags2

Should the US consider putting some distance between itself and Israel? Would such a change in policy serve American interests, or is it a move we would come to regret?

Thats basically the gist of the debate below which took place on February 2010. Despite it being five years old, the reasons for and against are still pretty valid.

The “For” side says yes, America should change the nature of its relationship with Israel.

The “Against” side believes that the U.S should continue with its current relationship with Israel.

Listen to both sides and decide for yourself.

#ISIS explains how it plans to economically survive and thrive

17 Nov isis

Imagine you are a terrorist group, who wants to have its own state. To have a state, you need to have your own currency, this is especially true if you are at war with literally all of your neighbors. You can’t rely on their currency, doing so would give them leverage over you.

This would be dilemma for any terrorist group, including  ISIS.

But it seems that ISIS has a very well designed plan to meet this challenge. A plan which is explained by its very slick and sophisticated media arm, called Al Hayat TV.

They usually produce recruitment videos, many of which contain scenes of violence or threats.

Not this one.

We know how ISIS wants to survive and thrive militarily. Now we should find out how it plans to survive economically. This is an important area to look into, as ISIS is one of the richest terrorist groups in the world, with an estimated annual turnover of over $2 billion dollars.

Thanks to Kevjn Lim for forwarding me this video.

How easy is it to monitor and catch terrorists before they attack?

14 Nov 1383052083000-nsa-spy-promo

If we thought that successfully monitoring and catching all terrorists before they attack is an easy job for any country, especially one like France where human rights laws are important, then we were wrong.

France is not Russia or Saudi Arabia where you can stop anyone anywhere, without a court order (and even they have not been able to stop all terror attacks on their soil). So to catch the terrorists before they strike, you must first monitor them.

Do you know how much resources are needed to monitor just one person for 24 hours?

The answer is at least 18.

According to Dame Stella, the former head of MI5 (UK domestic intel agency):

To keep a constant watch on just one of those people, you would need a team of at least six surveillance operatives, Dame Stella says. But of course they couldn’t work 24 hours a day, so you would need three teams of six.

Thats the number of people who are directly involved. Then you also need a backup team. So the number of people you need keeps rising.

Now lets just imagine you have 2000 people on your watch list. Some are former ISIS people who have returned, some are local jihadis. So how many people in total would you need to keep an eye on them 24 hours a day? According to the BBC, that number would approximately be:

 50,000 full-time spies doing nothing but following suspected terrorists.

Now lets put that into perspective:

Who on earth can do that?

Add to that the challenge of terrorists using a vast array of application which have end to end encryption. For example, according to the Belgians, ISIS has been using Playstation 4 to communicate with its terrorists.  Meanwhile according to a new book, the Mossad recently discovered terrorists using porn sites and ebay to transfer encrypted messages. Now just think how many things ae listed on ebay and how may porn pages there are on the internet.

This is why security agencies have to prioritize, and focus on some targets, because they can’t keep an eye on all of them. And this is why sometimes, some of the criminals slip through the net, like last night in Paris.

به عنوان یک یهودی ایرانی: به هموطنان ترک اذری تبریک میگم

13 Nov tazahorat

به هموطنان ترک آذری تبریک میگم که اخیرا از حق و عزت خودشون علیه توهین برنامه فیتیله دفاع کردند.
احمدی نژاد ۸ سال قتل عام ۶ میلیون از همکیشان من را در تنورهای گاز هیتلر و جوخه های اعدامش مسخره کرد, و گفت هولوکوست  “افسانه”و “ دروغ بزرگی” است.
کی از ما دفاع کرد؟
همان هموطنان عزیز ایرانی که از شرکت در تظاهرات در لندن و نیو یورک علیه دخالت نظامی امریکا در عراق و سیاستهای اسرائیل دریغ نمیکردند, حاضر نبودند ۵ دقیقه از وقت خودشون رو برای ابراز همدردی با هموطنان کلیمی خودشون صرف کنند. احمدی نژاد هشت بار اومد سازمان ملل, حتی پنجاه نفر از هموطنان مسلمان عزیز ایرانی ما جمع نشدند جلوی سازمان ملل علیه انکار هولوکاست او تظاهرات کنند

ما یهودی های ایرانی حتی ارزش اون رو هم نداشتیم.
وقتی ۷۰ سال پیش اجداد من را در محله جوباره اصفهان به قصد مرگ کتک میزنند, بهشون توهین میکردند و میگفتند “جهود نجس”, هیچ خدایی نبود به دادشون برسه.
ببخشید اگر انتظار دارم که در این دور و زمونه هموطنان ایرانیم فقط, ف-ق-ط, وقتی احتییاجشون داریم, با ما احساس همبستگی و همدردی کنند.

هم بایستی تهمت به مردم ترک آذری را محکوم کرد, و هم کسانی که از این موضوع سو استفاده کردند برای شعار های جدایی طلبی. همیشه مخالف گروه های جدایی طلب در ایران بودم و خواهم بود. 

باز به هوطنان آذری تبریک میگم, چون چون علیه توهین این برنامه ساکت نموندند . به قول معروف “کس نخارد پشت من, جز ناخن انگشت من.”

گل خودی نتانیاهو به لابی ایپک

12 Nov Benjamin_Netanyahu_portrait

در میزگرد دیشب در برنامه افق نقطه ای را مطرح کردم در مورد ضربه ای که نخست وزیر اسرائیل بنیامین نتانیاهو در ماه های اخیر با سیاستهای خودش به لابی ایپک زد

شرکت در میزگرد برنامه افق: روابط امریکا و اسرائیل بعد از توافق هسته ای

10 Nov khamenei obama

امشب در برنامه افق صدای امریکا شرکت کردم و همراه با آقای شهیر شهید ثالث در مورد روابط امریکا و اسرائیل بعد از توافق هسته ای تبادل نظر کردیم.

تبلت یا “رايانك مالشى”؟

9 Nov img1_intro-tablet-2

(جوک از ایران)

هر وقت رييس فرهنگستان ادب پارسى(غلام علی حداد عادل) ، اسم و فاميلش رو فارسى كرد و گذاشت :
“نوكر شير خدا آهنگر دادرس”
ما هم به تبلت ميگيم ؛
” رايانك مالشى”



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