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Today Israel belonged to its Moroccans and not its Persians (anymore)

22 Apr

Last night and today the festival of Mimounah was celebrated in Israel.

President Peres at a Mimouna celebration

This festival belongs to Morocco’s Jewish community, which started celebrating it in the 18th century.

Its a one day festival which begins on the last day of the Jewish festival of Passover.

According to the Jewish Agency for Israel:

The Jews of Morocco began celebrating the Mimouna on the evening after Passover because they believed that during this night the heavens are open to our prayers.

This could explain why:

As a result of this belief, it was customary in many places in Morocco to set up matches between young men and women on the Mimouna eve.

There are Moroccan themed parties all over the country, especially in cities where there is a large Moroccan population. Politicians drop in to such parties as well, regardless of whether they are Moroccan or not.

Israel’s Iranian Jewish community also used to have a huge party on the same day, based on the concept of Sizdah Bedar which is the last day of the Nowrooz holiday. So the last day of the Passover holiday was our Sizdah Bedar. Thousands of Persians used to descend upon Ramat Gan’s Park Leumi. Prime Ministers and senior minister used to visit and praise Israel’s Persian community.

That was until about 5 years ago. Now days only a few hundred people turn up  to this event and no politicians. Why? because one of the biggest reasons why so many Persian turned up before was to find a suitable Persian husband/wife for their sons/daughters. Now that they are all married= mission accomplished = many Persians don’t see a big reason to turn up to this event.

But Moroccans do and God bless them. I love their music and their tradition. Here is Eti Levi, one of Israel’s Moroccan singer blasting some tunes.

Belated happy Mimounah and get ready to dance.

President Abbas: what are you waiting for?

16 Apr

Two nights ago, off duty Israel Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi was killed in his car.

According to the JTA:

Mizrahi, 47, a father of five, was shot and killed while driving with his family to a Passover seder in the Jewish community in Hebron. His wife, who was in the car with him, and their 9-year-old son, who was in another car, also were wounded.

It’s not yet clear who was responsible. The security forces have not yet managed to find any suspects.

Despite that, what we can all agree on, is that this is terrorism, in its ugliest form. Shooting people who are travelling in cars packed full of women and children is horrendous and reprehensible. Such an act must be condemned immediately by all sides.

But Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has decided to wait until a full investigation of the incident was completed, and only then to condemn the killing.

What does he need to wait for? Why doesn’t Abbas condemn the killing by calling it a crime, no matter who was responsible? What exactly does he hope to gain from his “patience”? Who is he trying to please, the Palestinian extremists?

As a long time supporter of the establishment of a viable Palestinian state next to the state of Israel as part of a fair and just deal, I must say that I find Mahmoud Abbas’s behaviour regarding this matter disturbing and objectionable.

Mr Abbas, think about what you are doing, and the very negative message which you are sending to Israelis who want to live in peace with you.


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