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The future of #Iran after Khamenei

23 Sep
So what is likely to happen after the death of AyatollahKhamenei? Are we likely to see much change in Iran?

President Rouhani visiting Ayatollah Khamenei at the hospital after his recent prostate operation

My latest opinion piece for Aljazeera America tries to answer this important question.


On Gaza: The words of a former Netanyahu adviser

15 Sep

General Amidror

General Yaacov Amidror was the chief of Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) under Netanyahu. He resigned last year from the post, due to conflict of interest.

According to Haaretz, ” he has been considered among the prime minister’s closest confidants”. This is why I always read his articles.

The fact that his latest article was published at the Bar Ilan University’s Begin Sadat Centre site gave it even more importance. In my opinion, the writings of this centre also reflect current thinking in the Netanyahu government .

I highly recommend his article “We have to be prepared“.

And the ticking sound you hear is that of the countdown timer until the next war. The reason? in the article you do not find any diplomatic or political recommendations. The same applies to Netanyahu and his way of dealing with the Israel – Palestine conflict.

FT Podcast on #Iran drought challenge

14 Sep

I have said it before and I will say it again: Iran’s biggest challenge is not the sanctions, high inflation, very high levels of pollution or high drug usage. Its something more simple and far more deadly: the coming drought.

As I mentioned in my piece for Al Monitor November last year, this drought could also have demographic and geopolitical implications for Iran. The reason being that some of the worst hit areas are populated by minority groups residing in Iran’s periphery – border areas. These include areas populated by the Azeris, the Baluch and Iranian Arabs.

On August 21st 2014, the Financial Times published a podcast from my ancestral city of Esfahan where the main river, Zayande Roud has dried up. As I mentioned in my piece, my father nearly drowned in this river. These days its so dry some go horse back riding in the area that once was this flowing river.

The drought is another reason why I believe that ultimately, Iran’s most powerful man Ayatollah Khamenei will agree to a deal with the P5+1 in November this year. If he rejects, he will have additional sanctions and this devastating drought to deal with.

You can listen to the podcast below.

You can also read my more extensive piece about this challenge here


Panel video: #Iran PressTV correspondent in #Israel and Meir Javedanfar

10 Sep

As I mentioned two days ago, I took part in a TV panel with the correspondent of the Iranian government owned PressTV station in Israel at the i24news channel studio in Yafo, Tel Aviv.

Below you can watch the panel, where we talked about ISIS, Iran, the Saudis and how Israel should react to the threat posed by ISIS.

Enjoyed meeting and exchanging opinions with Mr Hamad Awidat. And a special thanks to Lucy Aharish for being such a gracious moderator.

Sharing a panel with #Iran PressTV correspondent in #Israel

9 Sep

Tonight I shared a panel with the Iranian regime’s PressTV channel correspondent in Israel. The panel was hosted by the Tel Aviv based I24 news.

Hamad Awidat who reports for the Iranian channel belongs to the Druze minority in Israel. He lives on the Golan Heights. I have my views regarding PressTV as an organization. Its nothing against Hamad as a person. He is a very nice guy and I enjoyed exchanging opinion with him. I look forward to many more and wish him the best.

And as usual I24 news channel proved yet again why they are a trendsetter in this country. They host people from all political views and groups. In fact they are one of the few, if not the only Israel based TV station to interview Hamas spokespersons, direct from Gaza. I know because I was in the studio and saw it live.

I must say that I found tonight’s experience quite strange. The Iranian regime calls for the destruction of Israel and refuses to compete with Israel in international sporting events, yet it sees no problem in having a reporter inside Israel. And there I was, sharing a panel with him, in Yafo port, just outside of Tel Aviv.

Would Iran allow an Israeli channel on its soil? Think again. It does not even allow BBC Persian to have an office. This is in addition to the fact that the Washington Post correspondent in Iran Jason Rezaian was recently arrested for unknown reasons.

Our free press in Israel is something to be tremendously proud of.

Here is an interesting report which Hamad prepared, not for PressTV. Its a message of support and love from Israel, from an Iranian in Israel who also seems to be leading a Christian Zionist group.

Here is one of the PressTV reports from the Golan


This Saturday, I will be demonstrating against the current #Israel government

4 Sep

“The right-wing has failed, change the government”.

This is the title of the demonstration which I will be attending this coming Saturday night at 8pm in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.

The previous demonstration which I attended in Tel Aviv, 3 weeks ago.

The previous demonstration which I attended in Tel Aviv, 3 weeks ago.

“The right-wing has failed to bring the Israeli public peace or security…. It has failed in the negotiations with the PLO.” These are just some of the stated reasons why the organizers of this demonstration are calling for the current Israeli government to step down.

And I agree.

Yes, Hamas did lose the recent war. But what hope do we have for the future when our current government seems to have put its pro-settlement ideology above so many other issues in this country?

We have poverty, we have lack of housing, our classrooms are crowded, the world is about to boycott us. And Netanyahu’s answer: infuriating the world by expanding settlements in the West Bank!

The current government in Israel is champion in making enemies. Its punishing the West Bank Palestinians when they have done nothing wrong. The 3 Israeli teenagers were killed by less than five extremists. By punishing all West Bank Palestinian with settlement expansions, our government will be turning so many people into our enemies.

By expanding the settlements in the West Bank, the Netanyahu government is telling the Palestinians, “we don’t care whether you take part in a war against us like in Gaza, or you maintain peace with us (West Bank). We will collectively punish you regardless.

I love my country. I care for its future. So why should I stay silent?

Would you stay silent if your government was creating more enemies than jobs?

If you are in Tel Aviv and you want to speak up, join us this Saturday evening. Here are the details.

As an #Iran vs #Israel arena, #Gaza is losing its importance

1 Sep

Numerous things were learned from the recent Israel – Hamas war in Gaza.

One of them was that when it comes to being an arena where Iran and Israel faced each other off, Gaza is losing its importance.

Hamas has got a new Qatari patron and its not clear whether Iran will be able to woo it back.

My latest article explains.



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