on trump’s new banking sanctions against iran

According to the AP: today, the Trump administration imposed new sanctions as a result of which virtually all of Iran’s financial sector has been blacklisted.

In my opinion, these new sanctions are:

1. a last ditch effort by Trump to force #Iran to negotiate before US elections. Trump wants to tell voters his Iran pressure policy worked.

2- Iran banks are already blacklisted by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force). This is because Iran failed to ratify anti-money laundering conventions. Therefore, I am not sure how much more damage Trump’s new banking sanctions can cause.

Did #Iran missiles land near UAE base hosting U.S forces?

Three days ago, Iran carried out military maneuvers, as part of which it launched missiles.

According to reports from India, some Iranian missiles landed near the Al Dhafra airbase in the UAE, which hosts U.S forces. On that day, several French made aircraft purchased by India were parked in the same airbase, on their way from France to India.

However, the U.S military mentions U.S forces at the Al Dhafra airbase going on alert because of the Iranian maneuvers. No mention of missiles landing near the base.

Is the U.S trying to hide the fact that missiles landed near the Al Dhafra airbase, or is the press in India exaggerating the truth?