Israel Should Thank Ban Ki Moon

Which other senior foreign official has gone to Khamenei’s office and publicly criticized him by saying that his “verbal attacks on Israel were offensive, inflammatory and unacceptable”?

Answer: no one.

Today UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon became the first person to do so.

I think he deserves credit for this.

In the history of the Islamic Republic, no body has challenged the supreme leader’s position on Israel in front of him, and in such a manner. This is likely to have long-term reverberations and consequences inside Iran’s halls of power.

Israeli politicians should thank Ban Ki Moon for his solidarity and honesty.

Meanwhile it seems that the Non Aligned Movement conference in Tehran is going from bad to worst for Iran’s leaders.

After Ban Ki Moon’s gutsy move, they then had to deal with the fall out of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi’s attack against Iran’s ally Syria. The Syrian delegations walked out in anger. I wonder how president Ahmadinejad who was sitting next to Morsi felt.

As the NAM conference shows, big conferences are no substitute or remedy for bad policies.