On Iran, Is Romney Learning From Obama?

According to today’s Jerusalem Post:

In “Meet the Press” interview, Republican (Mitt Romney) doesn’t detail what would constitute a “red line” for him that would trigger US military action against Iran; says he would continue diplomacy, but leave military option open.

Romney added:

“We should continue to pursue diplomatic channels…but that does not mean we should take off the table our military option, that’s something that certainly every American would hope we would never have to use. But we have to maintain it on the table or Iran will undoubtedly continue their treacherous course.”

Romney then goes on to slam President Obama’s policies on Iran saying: the Islamic Republic has not “changed its nuclear course one iota by virtue of this president’s policies.”

What is interesting is that Romney’s own strategy of dealing with Iran sounds eerily similar to that of President Obama’s.

Therefore how can Governor Romney call Obama’s policies on Iran a failure?

Based on his statements today, it seems to me that while Governor Romney has overtly been criticizing Obama’s Iran policies, covertly he has been learning from them and will actually continue them.