The Flying Ahmadinejad Shopping Club Presents: NYC City Shopping

It seems that Ahmadinejad and his allies handle their shopping, like they handle Iran’s economy: they invest massive amounts of the country’s resources to achieve miserly results. 

This was on full display in New York this week. According to Haaretz, quoting the Daily Mail, the Iranian delegation who accompanied Ahmadinejad to the UN went on a shopping spree.

And where did they shop?

“The American chain stores that the Iranians visited include Payless shoe store, Costco, Walgreens and Duane Reade, the report said, adding that the men accompanying President Ahmadinejad were interested in cheap clothing, shampoo, soap and vitamin supplies.”

So let me get this straight. 140 people accompanied Ahmadinejad all the way from Tehran to go to New York city to go shopping at Payless shoe store, Costco and Walgreens?

Granted, because of inflation and sanctions, some commodities are becoming harder to find in Iran, while others are becoming more expensive.

But there is nothing at the stores which they visited in NYC that can not be purchased in Tehran.

They may be more expensive there, but lets not forget, these people are Khodi (meaning insiders). Comparatively speaking with the average Iranian, they are not short of money.

It seems that members of the Flying Ahmadinejad Shopping Club had no qualms about spending the Iranian people’s money to fly all the way to NYC, just so that they can come home and show off to their fellow cronies that they went shopping in the Big Apple. The fact that they probably bought everyday junk is irrelevant to them.

There is also the possibility that Ahmadinejad simply knows little about shopping.

As I have mentioned to numerous friends over the years, if one day there is a revolution in Iran, the best way to deliver justice to Ahmadinejad would not be jail.

I have a better idea.

Just hand him over to the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy team in NYC for a makeover week.

Now that would be justice. And quite an educational experience as well.  I bet they won’t take him shopping at Payless shoe store either.

I just hope they are careful which hairdresser they take him to. In New York you can never be sure.