TV Debate: Muslims vs Free Speech

The question of how Muslims in Europe view free speech is one which entailed much discussion after a cartoon of prophet Mohammad appeared in one of Denmark’s newspapers in 2005.  
The cartoon offended some Muslims, some of whom believe that it should not have been printed in the first place as it was offensive to their beliefs and religion.
However there are others who believe that the right to free speech is more important than other people’s sensitivities, therefore it was right to print the cartoon.
This topic has become more controversial after the US ambassador to Libya was killed after a trailer for a movie insulting prophet Mohammad was released in the US in September this year.
The Dispatches program from the UK’s Channel 4 had one of the best debates about this topic in June this year.
It invited experts to argue for and against this issue. The audience also got a chance to vote on it.
I highly recommend watching this program. Please share widely with friends and family.
To watch the debate, click here.