I am a Syria Hawk

warned as early as September 2011 that Assad could turn his guns against Israel and that Iran would most probably support such a move. 

The question here is: how should Israel respond?

In my opinion, Israel has to be careful. A full-fledged, messy, bloody war between Israel and Syria could serve the Iranian regime and Assad’s interests.
Such a war would get Israel bogged down in a messy conflict, thus enabling Assad to continue killing his own people while possibly even getting some sympathy from the Arab street.
Such a conflict would also be in the Iranian regime’s interest as it could drain Israel’s economy while possibly affecting its relations with Egypt and Jordan. It could also turn attention and focus away from the regime’s nuclear program, something which Khamenei would welcome.
I don’t want Assad to use my country as a punching bag in order to divert attention away from the brutal massacres which he is carrying out against his own people.

So if the attacks from Syria increase in their ferocity, which they most likely will, I suggest that for every Israeli killed, the Israeli air force kills one of his senior officers. It could be with fighter jets, or drones.

Lets leave the Syrian people alone. Lets not get them involved in the crossfire. If response is needed, let’s go after the butchers of Homs, Hama, Lattakiya and Damascus and their business interests. They are the ones who would be responsible for such attacks against Israel, therefore they are the ones who must pay the price, directly.