Jahan News’s Erotic Tzipi Livni Fantasies

Tzipi Livni has been sleeping with PLO officials and Yasser Abed Raboo.  She had these sordid affairs with the permission of senior Rabbis who issued a “fatwa” which said that she can have such relations as long as they serve the interests of Israel.

Livni, who recorded these “encounters” then went on to blackmail the victims (which apparently included several Arab officials) by saying that unless they cooperated, she’d put the films of her being naked with them on youtube.

And if thats not enough, Tzipi Livni is also admitting to having affairs with the current Emir and Prime Minister of Qatar. Livni is boasting that these are her biggest accomplishments during her time as Israeli foreign minister.

These stories are the true, if you believe the Iranian based Jahan News web site which is believed to be affiliated with hard line conservatives in Iran. Some even believe that its editors are affiliated with Iran’s intelligence ministry, although this can’t be verified.

The article which seems to be more related to the fantasies of some regime conservatives quotes other articles in the Lebanese daily Al Dayar. It even claims to be quoting articles in the Israeli  Yediot Ahronot daily.

The question which must be asked is: why are they picking on Livni in such a manner?

In my opinion, its because she is a female moderate Israeli politician. The Iranian regime hates to see any Israeli official who wants to improve relations with the Arab world, as it sees peace between Israel and the Arabs as a threat to its interests. Livni’s statements that she wants to improve relations with the PLO and Turkey are exactly what the regime does not want to hear. This is why it decides to degrade her.

And it would not be the first time that the regime press had disliked her moderate and conciliatory approach towards the Arab world.

In 2008 I wrote about another attack against her. More could follow in the future, if she decides to return to politics.