A lively panel on Iran and Israel

I took part in this lively panel on Iran and Israel last week at the LSE in London. It was sponsored by BBC Arabic and the Front Line Club.
Really enjoyed it.
The other panelists were former TIME correspondent in Iran Azadeh Moaveni, Scott Petersen of The Christian Science Monitor and Abdel Bari Atwan of the Quds Al Arabi newspaper.
Jon Snow of Channel 4 chaired the panel.

2 thoughts on “A lively panel on Iran and Israel

  1. Thank you so much for the whole discussion about the risk of a war in that area. May you please dedicate some minutes about the consequence of a peace and collaboration through those nations? As it happened in Europe after war. However, we should analyze the situation, make a diagnostic of the illness, the action and the therapy should be delivered on both sides; firmness and hope. That’s why, it’s better to talk also about the peace and its general benefit consequences. Shahrokh Makhanian

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