Iranian Regime’s Silence On Attacks Against Palestinians

In his 26th of November article for Al Monitor, former spokesman for Iran’s nuclear negotiators Seyed Hossein Mousavian provides a number of reasons as to why he believes that Iran and Hamas were the winners in the recent eight day Gaza conflict.

One notable reason why he believes that Iran was the winner is as he states:

“Yet, when it came to the latest Israeli aggression in Gaza or for that matter past incursions — Arab leaders have provided only rhetoric with no tangible actions. Ali Larijani voiced Iran’s discontent with Arab nations who are reluctant to help Palestinians beyond words, stating: “The Palestinian nation does not need speeches and meetings. Arab countries should send military aid.”

Mr Mousavian sees it as an Iranian victory that instead of “empty Arab rhetoric”, in the recent Gaza conflict Iran showed action. It did this so providing weapons to Hamas and Islamic Jihad because it cares for the defense of the Palestinian people.

In that case, why has Iran not said a word about the recent attacks against Palestinian refugee camps by the air force of its ally Bashar Al Assad?

Aren’t the Palestinians living in the Yarmulk refugee camp Palestinians too?

The Syrian regime attacks against Palestinian refugee camps have been described by UN Secretary General Moon as war crimes. Based on the Iranian government’s claims that it wants to help Palestinians defend themselves, will the Iranian regime provide weapons to Palestinians in Syria who are under attack from Assad’s forces?

Or are Palestinians victims only when Iran’s adversaries attack them, and not when Iran’s allies do the same?

The Middle East and the Muslim world in particular is watching Iran’s actions in Syria very closely.

2 thoughts on “Iranian Regime’s Silence On Attacks Against Palestinians

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