On Hagel -Dear America: Its not me, its YOU

The more I look at the firestorm surrounding Hagel’s appointment, the more I become convinced that Israel is not the real issue, but a pretext. Israel was just an excuse by those who have other issues with Hagel and Obama.

Lets took at the facts for a moment.

Hagel was viewed as someone with anti-Israel views and his loyalty to Israel was questioned.

Did anyone bother asking us Israelis whether we are losing sleep over his appointment before saying his appointment would be bad for Israel?

No, because if they had, they would have noticed that we are not worried. In fact here in Israel, on the day of Hagel’s nomination, the press cared more about the floods in Tel Aviv. Hagel’s appointment was a minor news.

And did Israel’s politicians start jumping up and down with rage and concern? not a bit of it.

In fact some Israelis welcomed his appointment.

For example, a top Israeli source to The Times of Israel stated:

“there could be possible benefits to Israel with Hagel in the Defense Department, especially in a period when further escalation, and even possible military action, against Iran’s nuclear program is on the table.”

The source also stated:

“It is possible that certain actions will have greater legitimacy if they are taken by certain people who have opposed them in the past”.

At the same time, other current Israeli politicians like (Buji) Herzog and aspiring one like Naftali Benet clearly stated that this issue does not concern us.

So to all those who attacked Hagel in Israel’s name: why don’t you listen to our opinion before you attack Hagel?

So dear Americans who oppose Hagel’s appointment, if you have a problem with Hagel, be it his plans to cut defense expenditure, or you just want to settle scores with Obama by attacking Hagel, then use your own justifications and your own name, not that of my country.

Don’t drag us into what is a domestic fight, as this could hurt Israel’s interests. If we were that worried, we would have said something. Believe me, Israelis are not shy nor embarrassed to say whats on their mind. In fact the opposite. So please leave us out of it.

Dear America, on Hagel, its not me, its you.

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