Iran Not a Priority For Most Israeli Voters

recent poll by the Times of Israel showed that the Iranian threat is viewed by only 12% of likely Israeli voters as an urgent issue, whereas 43% of likely voters viewed economic problems as the most pressing issue.

But how can that be?

My latest article for Al Monitor explains the reasons behind this phenomenon.

To read, click here

2 thoughts on “Iran Not a Priority For Most Israeli Voters

  1. Meir, as usual you are 100% spot on. I went to the Uni of Oklahoma and met several Iranian students, a minority of whom were even Jewish! I enjoyed the culture, the food, learning lots of words in Farsi. The little people just want to get along. We just want to live a good life, provide for our families and live in peace. Of course we are more focused on domestic/economic issues at home! Shabbat Shalom, Meir and keep up the good work. BTW, when are you going to write something that I will grossly disagree with?:)

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