Book TV: Leverett, “Going to Tehran”

Here is a very interesting book presentation by Flynt Leverett and Hilary Man Leverett, hosted by the EastWest Institute in New York City. 

According to BookTV they “argue that the U.S. needs to change its policy towards the government of Iran, which they say is a rational actor that will play a leading role in the Middle East for many years to come.”

They essentially believe that US position and influence in the region is in decline while the opposite is happening to Iran’s position.

To them, one of the biggest reasons why US position is in decline is because of what they call “dysfunctional US policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

For years the Leveretts have said that the US must pursue a “grand bargain” with Iran.

The presentation is certainly interesting, but I will be in no hurry to buy their book. The Leveretts believe that Iran’s 2009 elections were in fact genuine, and that the people of Iran support the regime in great numbers. They pay little attention to the regime’s abuse of human rights which has been carried out on a massive scale. This makes their analysis very one sided.

I also believe that their perception of the Iranian government’s influence in the region is greatly exaggerated. If anything, the Arab Spring has been terrible news for the Iranian regime. Let just start by what is happening in Syria and its impact on Iran – Turkey relations. Even Iran’s ally Nouri Al Maliki is under pressure in Iraq. Not to mention Hamas distancing itself from Tehran because of the massacres in Syria of Sunnis and Palestinians. It seems that to the Leveretts these are merely details which have no impact on Iran’s position in the Middle East.

One thought on “Book TV: Leverett, “Going to Tehran”

  1. Professor Hillary Mann Leverett presents the idea that America needs to renounce 34 years of failed policy.

    An inquring mind asks, what failed policy? The US reigns supreme in the world, largely coming from the fact that the US Federal Reserve has pursued an interventionist monetary policy, that up until May 2013, drove down interest rates, and enabled the US Dollar to serve as the world’s reserve currency, providing monetization of debt and carry trade financing galore for moral hazard based investment choices, providing great reward to those invested in a number of investment vehicles, such as 1) vice mutual funds like VICEX, 2) retail stocks like PSUN, 3) small cap value ETFs, like RZV, 4) nation investment, like EIRL, and 5) global banks, like LYG.

    She presents Why the United States must come to terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    I reply that God never desired that there be any coming to terms with Iran; instead He destined that there be two global kick ass empries, the UK and the US, as foretold in bible prophecy of the statue of empires, seen in Daniel 2:25-45, where liberalism’s two iron legs of global hegemony fail, and a ten toed kindgom of authoritarianism would rise to rule the world, with its toes being regional zones of iron diktat combined with clay democracy, a miry mixture that cannot be sustained; and which will usher in the tyranical end time one world government lasting three and one half years, that is rule in the time known as Great Tribulation.

    Yes the US is going to war with Iran; but first, the Isaiah 17 war is coming, where Damascus will be totally obliterated, destroyed, and utterly wiped out,,by who, or what, I do not know; but God said it and I believe it.

    Then comes the Ezekiel 38 War, a massive middle east confligration, with destination Tehran Iran by Western powers, and destination Jerusalem by Islamic powers.

    There will never ever be another realigning of relations with the People’s Republic of China like that in the early 1970s; instead, bible prophecty foretells that a Sovereign System, Revelation 13:1-4, a Sovereign Ruler, Revelation 13:5-10, and a Sovereign Prophet-Banker, Revelation 13;11-18, will come to rule first the Eurozone, and eventually the entire world.

    The Sovereign Ruler is known as the Prince who is to come; this Price of the People, will move from Europe to establish his world wide kingdom in Jerusalem, Daniel 9:25.

    And then after much global tribulation, this King of the North, will meet his doom on the plains of Megiddo, about 70 miles north of Jerusalem, when the King of the South, Daniel 11:1, and Daniel 11:40-42, and where a 200 Million army man led by the king of the East, will come to challenge him, at which time, Christ will return to establish his Millenial Kingdom.

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