Shoe Thrown At Ahmadinejad in Cairo (Video)

It seems that Ahmadinejad’s trip to Egypt is not going as well as he expected. 

According to Israel’s Maariv newspaper, after leaving a Shiite mosque in Cairo this evening, a person believed to be a Syrian threw an object towards him. Upon closer inspection it looks like a shoe.

Ahmadinejad was not hit. The attacker was arrested by Egyptian security forces.

This comes following a dressing down which he received from Egypt’s top Sunni scholar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb earlier today.

The Sheikh who told Ahmadinejad that:

“his country must give full rights to Sunnis living in Iran and refrain from interfering in the affairs of Gulf Arab states.”

Ahmadinejad left Iran after one of the most bruising domestic battles with his rival parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani which took place in full glare of the public in Iran’s parliament two days ago.

He probably though that Cairo would be a nice break away from all the problems at home. It has not exactly turned out that way.

The Arab Spring has been bad news for the Iranian regime from the beginning. Tonight Iran’s president experienced it firsthand.

You can see the video of this evening’s shoe incident here:

5 thoughts on “Shoe Thrown At Ahmadinejad in Cairo (Video)

  1. Reblogged this on angrypersian and commented:
    lol he reach down to get the man’s shoes,if Morsi had gut to appear so close in public to shake their hand he be cut to pieces. im no fan of Ahmadinejad unlike this crowd who shake his hand and calling his name
    but its a mile stone in Egypt Iran relation that we kept apart for so long
    as an Iranian to my fellow Egyptian activist ;u got the revolution ,now its the hard part ,to reform and set things right (taking us 30 years though,still nowhere)
    throwing shoe is a bit old fashion, they try more modern objects to throw at each other in Syria but still,that wont bring us a reform

  2. It sounds as if people are pleased to meet him; whistling and cheering; person who threw the shoe doesn’t seem to hold the majority opinion.

  3. Of course, the qusetion is whether much of the West actually cares. There are plenty on the left that think Israel’s existence is not legitimate anyway. It’s hard to understand what’s up with this guy. Does he really intend to start a nuclear war? After all, Israel has nukes too? Surely he knows, doesn’t he, that nuking Israel would be catastrophic for Iran. So, I assume that this is mostly rhetoric. But it is obviously dangerous rhetoric. I think we and Israel still have to, quoting the first President Bush, keep our powder dry and not overreact. And this brings up another point. If Ahmadinejad was making similar comments from a pro-western standpoint, the academic leftists would be outraged. But, with Ahmadinejad, the silence is deafening.

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