Well Done Iran’s National Football Team

At age 9 I was absolutely star struck when I met Abdol Ali Changiz (pictured right), Iran’s former national player and forward player in my favorite team – Esteghlal. In the same day I also met Asghar Hajiloo from the same team. 

I am a big fan of Iranian football. Absolutely huge. I almost lost my life playing football on the streets of Tehran. One night in an avid rush not to lose control of the ball while playing on our street, I accidentally ran in front of a car. It hit me in the corner of my left eye. Another few inches and it could have been my brain. Instead of stopping, the driver escaped. I puked blood that night. A night of infamy which my parents will never forget as I was only seven years old.

But that did not stop me from returning to the streets of Tehran to play football again. Oh no.

And since then, Iran’s national team has been my favorite. I love Israel and I am a proud Israeli, but when it comes to football, I know where my roots are. They are in Iran. Whatever happens, Iran’s football team will always be my number one, followed closely by Israel’s national team.

Recently there has been some good news.

On the 23rd of January Iran recorded the biggest victory in AFC Beach Soccer Championship history by beating the Philippines 20 – 0.

And tonight the Iranian national team beat Lebanon 5 – 0. You may say thats not exactly much to be proud of. Well you are right. Iran can do much better, but much like many other things in Iran, football has become politicized, and like everything else that Iranian politicians have touched, it has recently taken a turn for the worst.

I leave you with a video of the former Iranian captain Ali Daei scoring many of his magic goals. Totaling 109 international goals, Daei scored 21 goals more than the legendary Pele in international matches during his career. Proud of him.

3 thoughts on “Well Done Iran’s National Football Team

  1. I wonder what would happen if, for example, Israel and Iran had to face each other at a major event such as the soccer world cup. Would the iranians refuse to play?

  2. Very nice to be a proud Iranian and Israeli as well . Unfortunately this Iranian regime is 100% muslim arab and absolutely 0% Persian. Present Israeli regime is not void of fault either . Take politics out of it and both Israelis and Iranians are just people like everyone els.

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