Israel Coalition Talks: Anyone Remember Iran?

According to a recent survey, if elections were held again in Israel, Likud Beitenu would lose ten seats (fall from 32 to 22) while Yair Lapid would gain 11 seats (from 19 to 30), thus making Yesh Atid the biggest political party in Israel.

And why the big jump?

It seems that Lapid’s insistence that Netanyahu accepts his plan for equal draft laws for all in Israel before entering Netanyahu’s coalition government is paying off. This and his ability to form a strong coalition with Naftali Bennet have made life very difficult for Netanyahu, and this seems to be impressing voters.

As I wrote before, there are quite a few aspects of Naftali Bennet’s political platform which I am against. But I must admit that Bennet’s unity with Lapid and his insistence and steadfastness against joining Netanyahu unless he allows Lapid into the coalition plus his demand for equal draft laws for all in Israel have been quite impressive.

In this regard, Bennet deserves a thumbs up. He is showing that domestic issues in Israel which many voted for are important to him.

Neither Lapid nor Bennet have any political experience, yet their unity is making some of the seasoned politicians in Israel sweat. Quite impressive.

Netanyahu needs Lapid. A government without him will most probably consist of ultra right-wing elements, which will bring even more isolation upon Israel. It could also collapse soon as there is little chance that such a government would allow Livni to offer much compromise to the Palestinians. This could translate into her leaving the coalition, thus making new elections more inevitable than before.

One thing is becoming clear: when it comes to unequal draft laws in Israel, changes are upon us. Enough is enough.

p.s – anyone remember Iran? because not a word about it is being mentioned in the coalition talks. Of course at the next Aipac conference Netanyahu will most probably talk about it as if Israel stands on the point of annihilation, but as you can see, here in Israel the reality is different.

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