The Rise & Fall of Iran in Arab and Muslim Eyes – A New Poll

Today Zogby Research Services released its 

“latest poll of views on Iran and its policies from 20 Arab and Muslim nations – including the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula States, the Maghreb, Egypt and Sudan – and non-Arab Muslim neighbors of Turkey, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.”

This is a fascinating poll.

The numbers really do not look good for the regime.

See in this presentation how Iran’s favorable rating has fallen, and in some cases plummeted in the Middle East since 2006.

The same presentation shows that majority of those countries surveyed are against a military strike against Iran, nevertheless, between 2006 and 2012, the number of those supporting a military strike has almost doubled in each country.

The good news for Iran is that its popularity among the region’s Shia remains strong. Countries such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and their racist policies towards local Shia is most probably responsible for this.


The bottom line of Zogby’s findings are listed as follows:

“1. There is a growing antipathy toward Iran across the Arab World and among Iran’s non-Arab neighbors.

2. Iran’s unfavorable ratings appear to be driven by its policies in Iraq, Syria, the Arab Gulf region, in general, and by its nuclear program.

3. Most Arab Muslims, of all sects, see their Arab culture as superior to the culture of Iran. They see themselves as more generous and knowledgeable, less violent, and as having made a more significant contribution to Islamic civilization.

4. Iran has made serious inroads into the region’s Shia population, especially in Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

5. There is near consensus that the region should be a “nuclear free zone” and deep concern with Iran’s nuclear program. There is strong support in most countries for internationally imposed sanctions to deter Iran’s program. While majorities everywhere but Turkey oppose any military strikes against Iran should they continue to develop a nuclear capacity, the percentage of those who would support military strikes has increased since 2006, with a deep division among Sunni and Shia communities on this question. A majority of Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Azerbaijan would support the military option.”

You can watch the video of the report’s presentation at The Woodraw Wilson Center.

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