India’s Concerns About Its Shi’ites = No to Nuclear Iran?

The sanctions being imposed by the US against Iran’s Central Bank made it difficult for Iran’s oil customers to buy oil from the Iranian government. However some countries were given sanctions relief by the US. One of them was India. Despite a terrorist attack in Delhi which Iran was accused of, India continued to purchase oil from Tehran for its growing economy.

But India has now decided to fall in line with the sanctions being imposed by the US. According to Reuters it is set to halt Iran oil imports over insurance.

This is a major blow for the Iranian regime.

There are various reasons why India has taken this recent step.

I found one of them, presented by Tanvi Madan, director of the Brookings Institution’s India Project quite interesting:

“India, which has perhaps the third-largest population of Shi’ite Muslims on earth, fears potential spillover from sectarian tension in the Middle East, as well as the domino-effect like spread of nuclear weapons in the region.”

The fact that India is taking its own Shiites into consideration adds another very interesting angle to this story.

One has to ask what has made the Indians so concerned about its own Shiites? As far as we know they have not been involved in terrorism in India.

Could this fear be more to do with Saudi and Persian Gulf lobbying in New Delhi?

We can not rule this out. After all, the aforementioned countries benefit from the sanctions. They get to weaken the Iranian regime’s economy while stealing India as a customer away from Iran.

For now, don’t expect Ayatollah Khamenei to lose much sleep. He seems to be under the impression that the US and EU will lift the sanctions within a year or two, because they can’t live without Iran’s oil much longer than that.

Israel is not the regime’s biggest enemy. Bad advisers in the Office of the Supreme Leader are just as detrimental.

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