Obama’s “hand picked” audience in Jerusalem?

Some people seem to have mistaken Israel for North Korea

‘The Israeli audience at Obama’s speech on the 21st of March at the Jerusalem convention center was hand-picked carefully by the Obama administration. Only Israelis who supported his view were invited and allowed to attend.’

This seems to be the conventional wisdom of some people here in Israel who are upset that Obama received so much applause from Israeli students who attended his speech yesterday.

Now I would understand why some of my compatriots would be upset with Obama for stating things like:

“Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and justice must also be recognized”

All opinions are subject to dispute and analysis. We can all agree or disagree.

But to suggest that the audience was carefully handpicked and thats the only reason why the Israeli students gave Obama such a warm welcome and applauded his comments is truly a sign of desperation.

Lets consider the absurdity of this argument.

To handpick such an audience, the CIA would need to have infiltrated Israel’s entire student population. Their spies would have needed to categorize and profile every student in this entire country, based on their political beliefs, who they vote for in Israel, their opinions towards the peace process, their opinion towards Obama and whether they are likely to applaud him or not.

Once all this information has been gathered and sifted through by the CIA’s spies in Israel and  all the supposedly “bad apples” have been removed, the final list is sent out to the US embassy in Israel.

The FBI office then stand at the door of the event in the Jerusalem convention center to profile every person who enters, to ensure that those who are considered to be “ideological deviants” do not enter.

And thats how you get an entire Israeli audience applauding Obama. Otherwise how would it be possible?

To all those who think this way I say: this is Israel, not North Korea. Yesterday, it was the leader of a democratic country who spoke in our country, not the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

You should consider the possibility that just as much as those Israeli students who attended Obama’s speech yesterday love their country and believe in it, they also believe that some of the things being done by their government are wrong. Gravely wrong. That they too believe that when it comes to defending Israel, we must fight Hamas and its terrorists with all our might when they attack us. Thats defending Israel. Not  punishing an entire groups of their population by discriminating against them in the supply of water, and the ability to farm on their land.

That Israel’s borders must be secure, but to do so we need to fight the terrorists and at the same time improve our relations with the Palestinian people by allowing them to live a normal life with dignity. That much like us in Israel, people of Palestine also need to have a state next to us.

Now would it be possible that there are Israeli students who believe that such ideas are logical and sensible?

Not if you believe some of those who are upset by yesterday’s events.

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