Liraz Charhi, Israel’s Other Iranian Star

Liraz Charhi

When it comes to Iranian – Israeli stars, we have all heard of Rita.

But there is another star who is less well known.

Her name is Liraz Charhi. Born in 1978 in the Israeli city of Ramle, she comes from an an Iranian family. Her father’s surname (Charhi) is from a well known family from my ancestral city of Esfahan (I was born in Tehran).

She is a TV and theater actress in Israel.  She is well known for starring in the Israeli movie “Turn left at the end of the world“. Liraz also sings.

In 2010 she moved to Hollywood and starred alongside Sean Penn in the movie “Fair Game”.

She is now back in Israel.

Here she is singing in Farsi with Rita, who if I am not mistaken is apparently related to her. UPDATE: I have now been told that Liraz Charhi is Rita’s niece.

Its one big Esfahani clan here in Israel. We are slowly taking over. After all, they say “Esfahan Nesfe Jahan- اصفهان نصف جهان ” meaning Esfahan is half the world. Here is the Israeli half 🙂

Take it away Liraz and Rita.

5 thoughts on “Liraz Charhi, Israel’s Other Iranian Star

  1. I love you Rita, I love you Liraz, I am from Iran and you are both so deep in my heart 🙂

  2. خدا حفظش کند. درد بلاش بخورد بر سر اخوندای بی وجود

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