How Israelis Saw Mohammad Khatamai

When Ahmadinejad’s name comes up, I have generally witnessed two types of reactions from Israelis. 

The first is one of amazement, as to how someone can be so ignorant to deny the holocaust. They see him as a laughable clown. This is the minority.

The second type seems to genuinely believe that he is a sworn and sophisticated anti-Semite who would do anything and everything to wipe Israel off the map. This has been the majority.

But what about reformist president Khatami?

I moved to Israel from the UK in 2004. So I was only here for one year during Khatami’s presidency.

To be honest, after watching this comedy clip, I really felt that my words would be wasted, because according to my experience, this is exactly how the majority of Israelis I met felt towards Khatami. The main actor is Eli Yatzpan, one of Israel’s most famous comedians.

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