Iran Starts Recruitment Drive for Syria

A public recruitment drive has started in Iran to send volunteers to Syria. 

Volunteers are being asked to contact local telephone number 2617201 0251 or to send an sms to 3000282860 to register.

According to Mohammad Saleh Jokar, member of the Iranian parliament’s Commission for National Security and Foreign Policy, Israel has started a war against the Islamic world.

“We must not abandon the people of Syria at a time when the EU is collecting weapons and bringing it to Syria and constant help from Qatar and Turkey is being given to terrorists. The treacheries are continuing and there is no longer a justification to stand still, those who are volunteers have to go and start helping”.

He then emphasized:

“Today our main war front is against the Zionist entity. This front has to be strengthened and the Zionist entity must be destroyed in the region”.

My Take:

On the surface, this is quite a serious development. The main page for the recruitment drive is on a site belonging to the supreme leader’s supporters. It also has the logo of the Hezbollah on it.

Whether these people will actually be sent to Syria is not clear, or sure as the Iranian regime has been very careful not to leave its finger prints there.

Furthermore, during the 2009 Israel – Gaza war, hard-line regime supporters who volunteered to help the people of Gaza were never allowed to leave Iran.

However if Khamenei does go ahead, these volunteers will most probably be used to fight the opposition forces. It’s very unlikely that they will be used to attack Israel, unless they belong to the IRGC’s Quds force. Even then it’s not clear that the Iranian regime would want to risk losing its top soldiers in Syria for the sake of Assad. This is a real risk as fighting Israeli soldiers who are much better trained is more dangerous than fighting the Syrian opposition forces.

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