2013 Iran Elections – Exciting Times Ahead

Rafsanjani and Meshai had me on the edge of my seat today.  

Talk about marketing. These guys really know how to sell themselves. Waiting until the very last minute before registering really does grab the headlines. Or maybe they have been taking time keeping lessons from Axl Rose. Who knows? Either way, the tension was really high.

It seems that I offended some people by insinuating that the upcoming elections will be a free and fair competition between the candidates.

I don’t believe that for a minute.

Rather, I believe that the decision will ultimately be made by Khamenei in consultation with other unelected groups within the regime.

Nevertheless, I standby what I said: these will be exciting elections.

The reason being that the presence of different factions such as Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad’s ally Meshai plus other conservatives will lead to interesting discussions and debates.

And these debates will provide us with an interesting insight into the regime and the different discourses that are taking place within it.

Looking forward to every article, every speech, every interview that will be printed, aired and broadcast about the upcoming Iranian elections.

Update: after Meshai declared his candidacy, fights broke out between his bodyguards and one of his opponents, right next to Ahmadinejad. See the photos here

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