Ahmadinejad cancels his third trip – Iran 2013 presidential elections

Ahmadinejad has just cancelled his third trip in a week (2 domestic and 1 foreign). Something must be going on. 

In my opinion the most probable cause is lobbying.

Its quite possible that he has realized that his colleague Meshai may not be approved by the Guardian Council to run for the upcoming elections. Ahmadinejad could be staying back to help him by lobbying the Office of the Supreme Leader.

To be honest I can’t think of another reason why he would cancel 3 trips in a week. Its very unlike him.

He will have to be careful though. Ahmadinejad can’t push people around like the old days. And he can’t threaten people by saying that he will reveal secrets about them. Well thats not exactly correct. He could, but he risks house arrest.

Rafsanjani will also have to be careful.

He also risks house arrest if he is suspected of fermenting unrest.

There are already numerous people within the regime who accuse Rafsanjani of fermenting the 2009 demonstrations. One reason is a statement made by his wife in 2009. After casting her vote in the 2009 elections, Efat Marashi (aka Mrs Rafsanjani) stated (on camera) that “the youth should pour on to the streets if there are cheating in the elections”.

There are many who are just waiting to settles scores with Rafsanjani. Ayatollah Khamenei just has to give them the word. If there are disturbances in Iran again and Rafsanjani is accused of being behind them, this time I believe that he might just do that.

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