Iran: Not Your Average North Tehran Voter

With the Iranian presidential elections around the corner, some will be wondering: how much genuine support does the current regime in Iran really have?  who are the people who would support it? from what background do they come from? what would be their religious and political beliefs?

The regime in Iran has been losing popularity and legitimacy over the years, for various reasons. Failing to live up to the promises of the revolution would be one, if not the biggest reason. Today, compared to the period prior to the revolution Iran is a poorer, more corrupt and more isolated country. Human rights abuses have only worsened. So when it comes to regime claims that it has the support of the majority of the people, be skeptical. Be very skeptical.

However there are those in the opposition who say that the regime has no genuine support among the people. They are wrong as well. There are people who genuinely still believe in the revolution.

The excellent documentary below by Al Jazeera provides us with a snapshot of who these people are. Its well made, well researched and provides us with an important opportunity to get to know them and their beliefs. Its a must watch. Please feel free to share with friends who are interested in Iranian politics and society.


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