Israeli Art Reaches Tehran

An example of Israeli Photography

Not the kind of news you read every day.

According to YNET:

Iranian art lovers, who flocked to the international photography exhibition presented last month at an esteemed art gallery in Tehran, had no idea that two of the pictures presented in the exhibition were taken in Tel Aviv – by Israeli photographer Tome Bookshtein.

And how did these photographs get to Tehran?

Thanks to the Austrian Foreign Ministry’s Cultural Forum which exhibited work of artists from different Middle Eastern countries in Tehran.

This was no easy task for the Tehran gallery which showed the exhibition:

The owners of the Tehran art gallery agreed to display the Israeli photographer’s work as well, as long as they could write “anonymous photographer” instead of “Tome Bookshtein, Israel” so as not to get in trouble with the Ayatollah regime.

The fact that one gallery owner in Tehran has to go to such lengths to protect himself because of two Israeli photographs, speaks volumes about the Iranian regime’s insecurities.

This is one reason, among others why I don’t agree with descriptions of the Iranian regime as being strong.

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