Iran Elections and Hypocrisy in the Iranian Diaspora Community

An Iranian diaspora TV station in Los Angeles

Its really incredible.

You have some members of the Iranian diaspora community, who say that they are against the regime in Iran because its against democracy, especially the freedom of choice.

Yet the same people lambaste Iranians who have decided to practice their freedom of choice by voting in the elections tomorrow.

So exactly in what freedom of choice do these people believe in?

Will there be cheatings in the elections tomorrow? If Rowhani is getting more votes than others, which is very probable, then I believe yes. Under such a scenario, the regime will have no qualms about engineering the election results to make sure that he does not get in.

Will voting in the elections be interpreted by the regime as a sign of legitimacy? Yes it will be.

Would I vote in the elections if I were living in Iran? after what happened to Mousavi in 2009, absolutely not. In my opinion the regime stole the elections by falsifying the results. The regime Ministry of Interior even went as far as claiming that there were Iranian government voting booths in Israel during those elections!

But that would be my choice and in the name of having the freedom to choose, I would expect other Iranians who believe in democracy to respect that.

And based on the same principles, we should respect the wishes of Iranians who want to vote in these elections, because they believe that their vote will count. Or that their vote for Rowhani will send  a message to the regime that its policies need to change. Or for whatever reason.

Not respecting the right of people to choose whether they want to vote or not runs contrary to the Iran which I believe majority of Iranians want to build, one where freedom to choose is respected.

Below is my latest analysis of the Iranian elections, and its impact on Iranian foreign and nuclear policy. Hope it’s of use.

4 thoughts on “Iran Elections and Hypocrisy in the Iranian Diaspora Community

  1. Ridiculous argument!! I guess you don’t know that only the ones approved by the mullah thug guardian committee are allowed to compete! Can someone run if they are totally against Islamic system? No! Obviously you are a paid well by the mullah thugs!

  2. Haha you really think that Meir doesn’t know who vets the candidates? And the high wave in support of Rohani, they are all paid by the “mullah thugs”?

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