On Iran election day, Obama decides to arm Syrian rebels

Voting has now finished in Iran. Lets see what happens. I already addressed the different scenarios which I believe could happen in these elections. Lets see where reality takes us. Apart from that, I prefer to wait until tomorrow when the results are announced before I write more about these elections.

There was another Iran related news today which is worth noting, and thats the decision by the US government to arm Syrian rebels.

As if Ayatollah Khamenei did not have enough on his plate.

When providing these weapons, the US is unlikely to just give them away. There will be conditions attached. One of them is likely to be: go after Hezbollah operatives in Syria.

Most probably, as far as the US is concerned, its payback time for all the support Hezbollah and Iran gave to Iraqi Shiite militias in Iraq to kill US soldiers there.

There is also the weakening of Iran’s hand in the region.

Considering that the Iranian regime is under sanctions, the US will try to make the Syrian conflict as expensive as possible for the regime. By giving weapons to Syrian rebels, Iran now has to match US support for rebels with additional support for Assad. Syria is about to become an even bigger money pit for the Iranian regime and that will do just fine for Obama.

Some people believe that the Iranian regime pushed Assad to use chemical weapons. I believe the opposite. The Iranian regime is well aware of the costs such a decision would bring – and has brought. In all likelihood it will now press Assad harder not to repeat such a mistake.

US decides to arm Syria rebels on the same day as Iran elections. Let the conspiracy theories begin. There is no shortage of them in this region.

Oh by the way: how do you say in Arabic “not to be used against Israeli soldiers and territory”? because I am sure the weapons being given to the Syrian rebels will come with these strict instructions. Right president Obama?

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