My France24 Debate: Irans New President: Change You Can Believe In?

Here is the debate which I took part in last night about the recent elections in Iran.

It was an interesting debate. Really enjoyed Nader Hashemi’s comments. Like me, he also believes that Khamenei is large and in charge of the elections.  Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah was also excellent. He was jailed in Iran after the 2009 demonstrations. Raymond Tantor comes across as a strong supporter of the Mujahedeen Khalgh Movement. Almost like a lobbyist. This is an organization that I would never vote for. I don’t agree with anything they say or do.

However I think in the true spirit of democracy they should be allowed to stand for elections in democratic elections in Iran, next to Islamists, Communists, Monarchists and others. Let the Iranian people choose. It should be up to them, otherwise the elections won’t be democratic.

Excuse the crooked tie. The cameraman did not tell me 😦

Part 1 

Part 2

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