To Iran regime, the life of an Iranian is worth $20 (approximately)

To the Iranian regime, the life of Iranians is not worth much. It has proven it time and again.

$60 USD for killing three innocent Iranians, thats what you have to pay as fine if you are a former regime official.

This is the amount which Saeed Mortazavi, the former prosecutor of Tehran was charged as punishment for his crimes.

According to Al Monitor:

Mortazavi, who was prosecutor-general of Tehran in 2009, was charged along with two other deputies in February with “filing a false report” and “unlawful arrest” in connection to the transfer of street protesters to Kahrizak prison.

The same report then goes on to say that:

According to various reports, Mortazavi and two others were suspended for life from judicial duties and banned for five years from government work.

This is a cruel joke. Mortazavi is well connected to Ahmadinejad and his followers. He is not going to be short of money. There was no way he was going to be allowed into Rouhani’s government anyway, so not being able to hold government jobs for five years will almost be meaningless to him.

The same for being suspended for life from judicial duties. One of the main factors which helped Mortazavi to have his job was Ahmadinejad and his closeness with Khamenei. Thats now over. So there was little chance that Mortazavi was going to keep his job in the judiciary anyway. So being barred from judicial duties will also have very little impact on him.

Khamenei has not changed. He is still the same man. Today he proved that. The only reason Rouhani is there which is why he was allowed to win, was due to the dire economic situation in Iran, brought about by mismanagement and sanctions. He is expected to fix that. To the regime, the average life of an Iranian is unlikely to be worth more after or even during his term, no matter how moderate he may sound.

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