What next for Egypt?

The day after the coup in Egypt: I still standby what I said in my post yesterday. Toppling Morsi was a mistake. He was a bad president, but this was not the way to  remove him. He was brought in through democratic means, he should have been removed the same way.

Imagine if you were the Muslim Brotherhood. As much as I can’t stand their policies, they are still part of the democratic mosaic in Egypt. If you were one of their members or leaders, would you believe in the democratic process anymore? Would you take part in elections again?

Democracy is weakening Erdogan, the same could have been done to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which has been losing popularity at a fast rate. Now only God knows what will happen. Will take up arms? They won’t have to look far. The Sinai desert is awash with guns these days.

Al Jazeera English interviewed the spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood. See what he has to say:

Meanwhile here is an interesting update from the Economist’s correspondent in Cairo.

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