Egypt and the Iranian Diaspora

Democracy should apply to all potential future leaders of Iran.

Recent events in Egypt should make some members of the Iranian diaspora ask themselves what kind of democracy they want for Iran.

Based on the positive and in some cases ecstatic reaction of some members of the Iranian diaspora community to the toppling of Morsi in Egypt, I am not sure that they really understand what real democracy is. Or perhaps they do but they want it applied as long as it serves the interests of the political party which they support.

Here is a scenario – How would you react if:

After a free and fair elections in Iran, Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah is elected. After a year in power, instead of developing the economy he ruins it through corruption, inexperience and mismanagement. He also introduces some secular laws which anger religious Iranians.

Would you support his overthrow by the army after massive demonstrations headed by religious figures and politicians?

Would you find it within the rules and concept of democracy for the Iranian army to give him a 48 hour ultimatum?

Would you think it would be democratic for the army then to overthrow and arrest him and then replace him with a religious candidate?

If yes, then the Iran which you want is not going to be a democratic Iran.

In fact under such a scenario why waste money on democratic elections?

Why not just see which political side can draw the biggest crowds into its demonstrations plus the support of the army and then just let them rule the country until such times that another political party gets the army and a bigger crowd into the streets?

Democracy means a democratically elected leader, however repulsive (which Morsi was) who is brought to office by vote can only be removed by vote.

And for those of us who want democracy in Iran, we should get used to the idea that this will mean that sometime, or somewhere along the line, there could be rulers elected by the people of Iran who will not be to our taste.

The fact that we and the armed forces don’t like him does not give the right for us to topple him with force.

No crisis should be wasted. The current crisis in Egypt should be used by some members of the Iranian diaspora to ask themselves whether they want real democracy for Iran.

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