Egypt: Where is the rage from the international community?

Its time for the EU to pull out its ambassadors from Egypt in protest. 

The brutal and violent behavior of the Egyptian army deserves nothing less.

According to Reuters:

Conflicting reports on the number of deaths vary from 65 to 120, depending on the source of information

Can you imagine if an Islamic backed government had done this to its own population?

Can you imagine the rage if the army of a country which is not an ally of the West had deposed the democratically elected government and started killing its own population in such a manner?

If President Obama and the EU want their calls for genuine democracy in this region to have any  vestige of credibility and legitimacy, then they must act now.

And to my dear Egyptian friends who don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood (MB): I don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood either. But you see the way the army is shooting and killing MB supporters today with no qualms or problems? If we do nothing they will do the same to you tomorrow.

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