TYT: Are Huge Orgies Liberating Iran?

Like youth in other countries who lack private spaces to retreat to, some Iranian youth reported having sex at parties and in cars (which sometimes allowed them to escape the morality police) out of necessity. But some also purposely sought group sex.

These are parts of an interesting article recently published in the Salon magazine.

Called ” Sexy spring: How group sex will liberate Iran, China” the article looks at how young Iranians are lashing out against the government by engaging in drinking, partying as well as sexual activities, including group sex. This includes single as well as married men and women. As one woman said:

If we don’t live like this, we cannot exist in the Islamic Republic,” a woman declared. “We hate our government, despise our families, and our husbands make us sick. If we don’t look fabulous, smile, laugh, and dance, well then we might as well just go and die.”

In a segment called “Are Huge Orgies Liberating Iran?” The Young Turks (TYT) Network looks further into the findings of this article.

“It made me want to go to Iran, to have a good time”, said Cenk Uycur presenter of the Young Turk program in reaction to the findings of this article. Who can blame him?

One thought on “TYT: Are Huge Orgies Liberating Iran?

  1. Oh man, I haven’t seen that cow’s face for years.
    I used to listen to Cenk religiously. But after a while I just grew out of it…

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