Netanyahu’s questionable new claims about Iran

According to this morning’s edition of the Jerusalem Post, yesterday Prime Minister Netanyahu stated: 

Since Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was elected two months ago, Iran has installed 7,000 centrifuges, indicating that he is nothing more than a new face to an old regime.

Where does the Prime Minister get the information about the 7000 centrifuges that have been installed since Rouhani was elected?

The IAEA is in charge of inspecting Iran’s nuclear sites. This includes counting the number of centrifuges and manufactured enriched uranium (at 3.75% and 20%).

The last report we have from them is from 22nd of May 2013. Next one will be out in November. In the May report, there is nothing mentioned about “7000 new centrifuges” being installed. Nor do any of the subsequent analysis reports in Reuters or Arms Control Now mention this number.

The only new centrifuges which the May 2013 report mentions are the 509 new centrifuges which were installed in the period between the last IAEA report, published in November 2012 and the new report which was published on the 22nd of May 2013.

So where the Prime Minister come up with the additional 6491 new centrifuges?

And more importantly how does he come up with this number since we have not had any new reports from the IAEA about Iran since the 22nd of May, and Rouhani was elected on June 14.

These are important questions which deserve an answer, because based on the information published on Iran by the IAEA, his numbers on Iran’s new centrifuges seem highly questionable.

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