Rest In Peace Mo Mowlam

The late Mo Mowlam

There are only a few politicians who I would consider as my heroes, Marjorie (Mo) Mowlam is one of them.

And why?

Because of her modesty, her bravery and her commitment to peace.

She is one of the few people whose tireless efforts made the Northern Ireland Good Friday agreement possible. As someone who lived in the UK at that time with many Irish friends, I remember that joyous occasion vividly.

Imagine a politician recovering from a benign brain tumor and wearing a wig, entering the most dangerous prisons of Northern Ireland to meet with terrorists from both sides, in order to facilitate peace. That was Mo Mowlam. And she succeeded.

She passed away on this day in 2005. She was only 55 years old.

Her tireless efforts for peace has made her one of the few politicians whose passing I have marked in my calendar.

Rest in peace Mo. I wish we had someone like you in our government.

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