Divisions in Iran over support for Assad?

Question: when it comes to supporting Assad, how united is the Iranian regime?

Well, much like almost everything else in Iran, on every policy there is at least two opinions.

The same applies to Syria. Some seem to support, while others are against.

I was asked this question by my colleague Matt Duss at the Center for American Studies (CAP) in Washington for an article which he was writing for the American Prospect.

Here is my response, which Matt quoted in his article. It pretty much sums up the way I see the situation:

“The moderates seem to be concerned about the use of chemical weapons in Syria and want to distance Iran from this, but the hardliners, especially the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps), don’t seem to be taking that line, at least publicly,” Meir Javedanfar, an Israeli Iran expert, told me. “So there is a gap in the Iranian leadership, however as the IRGC has a bigger say on Syria, they seem to be winning the day.”

I believe that over the coming weeks, this gap in the Iranian leadership will become larger.

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