In Tehran and Jerusalem, Obama will be seen as weak

Obama is doing right thing to seek Congressional approval, as far his own domestic concerns and considerations are concerned.

Nevertheless, in Israel and Iran governments will see this as a sign of weakness.

However in the long run, Obama’s latest move is likely to be bad news for Iran.


First and foremost, this does not mean that he will not be attacking Assad.

More importantly, by turning this into a congressional debate, from now until the debate, the people of America are going to be bombarded with information about the atrocities committed in Syria and how Iran is backing them.

And worst still, how a nuclear armed Iran will be even worst for the region than originally thought.

The main reason being recent threats by senior Iranian defense officials.

First was the chief of the Revolutionary Guards who declared “Syria war to cause Israel destruction“.

This was followed by a statement today made by Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces General Hassan Firouzabadi who said that “US Possible Attack on Syria to Set West, Israel Ablaze“.

Then to make sure he does not fall behind, General Naghdi the head of the Basij also stated today that “an attack against Syria will make the liberation of Palestine easier“.

Could you imagine such statements coming from a nuclear armed Iran? At minimum, they would compel Israel to put its reported nuclear arsenal on standby. And from then on all sorts of very bad things could happen.

So all is not lost. Assad is not going anywhere, nor are his allies in Tehran who keep convincing the world why this regime should not have nuclear weapons, better than anyone else.

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