On Iran and US: don’t forget the Saudis

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is much an enemy of the Iranian regime as Netanyahu, if not bigger

Increasing number of pundits and experts are calling for the inclusion of Iran in talks to resolve the current Syria crisis.

In theory, its a good idea.

But in reality, something that is being overlooked is the opposition of the Saudis to such an idea.

I can even see Obama being willing to entertain such an idea, but the Saudis? I just don’t see it.

While the Iranian regime obsesses about Israel and AIPAC, they seem to be overlooking the quiet work which the Saudis have been doing behind the scenes and continue to do so in almost every imaginable area in order to undermine Iran. Although they are not as loud and proud as Israel and her allies, they do as much damage if not more.

And when it comes to Syria, it seems to me that they do not want to see Iran involved.

After witnessing the Iranian regime ally Hezbollah assassinate their ally Rafik Hariri in Lebanon in 2005, plus Iran’s role in Iraq and what the Saudis see as Iran’s influence over Shiites in Bahrain, the Saudis want Iran weakened and excluded from Syria more than ever before. To reach this goal they were even willing to to cut a deal with the Russians to keep Iran out.

Bottom line: the Saudis see Iran sinking in Syria with Assad. They’d be loathed to see Obama save them by reaching a deal with Iran over Syria. Expect maximum resistance and protestation from the Saudis in DC. Obama could find them difficult to ignore.

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