Happy Rosh Hashana to the Dayana 7 group from Bladiè, Mali

4 Sep

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year will be arriving this evening. Much like many Jews around the world, my family will be welcoming the year 5774.

The hard working ladies from the Dayana 7 Group from Mali, Africa

The hard working ladies from the Dayana 7 Group in Mali, Africa

May this be a peaceful year for all humankind.

As a Jew, I try to practice my Judaism through several ways, an important one being helping the poor. Tzdaka (charity) is an important pillar in Judaism.

And for me, one of the most morally satisfying ways of doing this has been through the U.S based organization KIVA.

With KIVA I have been able to provide micro-finance loans to people like Yelina in Cusco, Peru to buy chickens so that she can raise them and sell them on to provide for her family. Yelina successfully paid back her loan.

I was then able to re-lend the money to the “Dayana 7 group” from Bladiè, in Mali, Africa. These group of hardworking ladies raise crops such as peanuts, millet, and rice which they sell on for a profit. On average, they have four children each.

And once they pay the money back I look forward to re-lending to another individual, or group, this time in Tanzania.

I hope you will be able to join me in helping thousands of hardworking men and women in the developing world to help themselves and their families. Lets make their year a sweet year by giving them to opportunity to fight poverty. I have included an invitation link below


Shana Tova,

Meir Javedanfar

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