Don’t forget Assad’s biological weapons

There is much talk about removing Assad’s chemical weapons stockpile as part of a proposal which is being put forward by the Russians. 

Fine. But what about his biological weapons?

What exactly would be the point of taking away his chemical weapons and leaving him with his biological weapons which he could use in a future date against the Syrian people?

There is valid reason to be concerned about his biological weapon making capabilities. According to an article published on the 4th of September in The Washington Post:

A report prepared for Congress this year by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence concluded that Syria possesses a “longstanding biological weapons program,” adding that parts of it “may have advanced beyond the research and development stage, and may be capable of limited agent production.”

The fact that Putin has come forward with an offer shows that he believes that America could attack his ally Assad, and he does not want that.

This gives Obama leverage.

My suggestion: president Obama should use this leverage and go for a deal which ensures that Assad not only dismantles and delivers his chemical weapons stockpile and infrastructure, he does the same with his biological weapons. Such an opportunity may not come around again, for Obama and for the Syrian people.

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