Rouhani: this year’s UN celebrity

There is little doubt who will be this UN General Assembly’s celebrity: Hassan Rouhani.

With Ahmadinejad gone and reports about exchange of letters between Rouhani and Obama emerging, there will be much excitement about Rouhani’s presence at the UN.

What is likely to add more attention to Rouahni’s presence is a report published today in Der Spiegel. The report, citing intelligence sources says that Iran is prepared to close its nuclear plant in Fordo in return for lifting of the current sanctions.

Whether or not this report is true, people will be wanting to know what the anti-Ahmadinejad representing Iran at the UN will say. And more importantly, is he about to offer a new deal to Obama on behalf of Ayatollah Khamenei?

Which is why its important that the Israeli Prime Minister chooses his words carefully. Israel does not want to end up looking like the warmonger. Lets take a break from the “all options on the table” line. Yes we all know it is there and no, just because you don’t say it, the Iranian regime is not going to dash for the bomb. Tehran has a much bigger and more dangerous threat to worry about: the sanctions.

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