Misinterpreting my comments on Rouhani and the Holocaust

26 Sep

Yesterday I wrote a blog entitled “Rouhani recognized the holocaust, within his limitations”

In it, I described Rouhani’s holocaust comments from his interview with CNN.

In my blog, I wrote that after reading Rouhani’s statement:

“I am not a historian and when it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the Holocaust it is the historians that should reflect,” we could say he is disputing the numbers. Thats a valid argument.

The Guardian’s Saeed Kamali Dehghan took Rouhani’s quote and my comment after it in my blog, and quoted it in his article.


To my absolute astonishment and disgust, some people on twitter are suggesting that I said that its a valid argument to dispute the number of people killed in the Holocaust.

My blog and my quote in the The Guardian are both clearly referring to Rouhani’s statement and saying “we could say that HE is disputing the numbers. Thats a valid argument”. If you read Rouhani’s comment you could clearly say that he is disputing the numbers killed.

I suggest that these individuals read my comment again and see how they relate to Rouhani’s statement.

To even suggest that I am saying that its valid to dispute the number of those perished in the holocaust is truly ludicrous, inaccurate and offensive.

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