Fabricated Iran spy in Israel?

Today the news broke that Israel has arrested an Iranian – Belgian citizen. The accusation against him is that he is a spy recruited by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC). This report by The Times of Israel explains more.

I was asked by a journalist as to whether this is just a fabricated story by Israel in order to hurt Rouhani and his recent rapprochement with the US.

My two cents:

We should remember that the arrested individual is a Belgian citizen. There is a Belgian embassy in Tel Aviv which will be following his case closely and ensuring that he is properly investigated and represented in court.

If Israel was going to fabricate this case, I don’t think they would have chosen the citizen of a country from the EU who has representation in Israel. They would not voluntarily make life more difficult for themselves, especially when it comes to relations with a EU country.

One thought on “Fabricated Iran spy in Israel?

  1. Meir

    Will you in new york at any point – if so we would love a briefing at KJ where you spoke before (cong kehilath jeshurun)

    Regds Dr. Mark Meirowitz
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