Meir Javedanfar – My two cents on Netanyahu’s UN speech

At macro level: I agree that Iran has lied about its nuclear program in the past. And I certainly don’t agree with Rouhani’s claims that its nuclear program has always been for peaceful purposes. So to say that Iran has lied about its nuclear program is correct.

I agree that the international community should pressure the Iranian regime to come clean about its nuclear program. The Iranian regime has proven that it responds to pressure.

However I disagree with the tone and some of the content of Netanyahu’s speech, namely:

1. First and foremost, the North Korean nuclear negotiations comparison is not accurate in the case of Iran. I have explained why in my article “Iran Can’t Follow North Korea’s Nuclear Example” published in March this year.

2. As bad as the Iranian regime is (and it is very bad) to say that a nuclear armed Iran would be 50 times worst than North Korea is an unfounded exaggeration.

3. I strongly disagree with Netanyahu’s use of the term “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. In Iranian culture comparing someone to an animal in any way shape or form is deeply offensive.

4. In Iran the chant after the revolution was “death to Israel” and not “death to Jews” as Netanyhau said. As reprehensible as both chants are, it was not state policy to state “Death to Jews”.

5. I also disagree that pressure should be incessant. If Rouhani does shows concrete compromises, I believe that imposing more sanctions could be detrimental. There should be a reciprocal system whereupon for each concrete compromise Iran is rewarded, not punished.

Conclusion: Israel has a very legitimate case against the Iranian regime’s current nuclear program, its just unfortunate that Benjamin Netanyahu has to present it.

One thought on “Meir Javedanfar – My two cents on Netanyahu’s UN speech

  1. Very professional explanation, but I prefer to agree with Bibi!
    Bibi was in uniform in 973, was in the front line, got injured,
    the sound and smell of death and fire is not
    something one forgets, I believe you never served anywhere and
    are clueless. What Israelis went through in
    20-1973 makes them be alert, vigilant and prepared, he tries to
    keep the nation alert for this I agree with him
    even if he will never do the hit that is needed
    on Iran, he is doing the best he can under the circumstances
    he is boxed in-has limited options.

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