Fordo and Arak nuclear sites must ultimately close

10 Oct

According to Walla on line news publication in Israel, EU delegates recently arrived in Israel to discuss their Iran strategy with their Israeli counterparts.

The government in Israel is calling for the closure of the Fordo enrichment site and the Arak heavy water reactor which has still not come on line as part of a final deal.

My thoughts:

I believe that as part of a final, sustainable deal with Iran which respects the right of all parties, limited enrichment with limited number of centrifuges under tough IAEA inspection should be allowed on Iranian soil.

And as part of this deal, the 20% enrichment site which Iran was trying to hide at Fordo and the Arak heavy water must close.

According to the IAEA, Iran was on “the wrong side of the law” regarding Fordo by not declaring it in time, while Iran has no nuclear reactors for the heavy water which could be produced in Arak. The plutonium extracted from the heavy water could be used to make a bomb. Both sites could be used for military purposes. Both should close, as part of a step by step approach between the two sides. It goes without saying that sanctions should also be lifted in return for Iranian compromises.

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